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If You Like It Big, Go See the Big Things of Australia

 If You Like It Big, Go See the Big Things of Australia

What do you do when you want to catch someone’s attention? You do something noticeable, you do something ‘big’, right? When Paul Kelly created the Big Scottsman in 1963, to attract attention towards a motel, he kickstarted a long trend of creating big structures of creatures and things we see around us. Today, there are around 150 such structures around the country, which are known as ‘the Big Things of Australia’ and have become tourist attractions in their own rights. Here are some of the most amazing Big Things you should pay a visit to.
The Big Beer Can – It is exactly what it sounds like, a 16 ft tall can of beer. It will surely be the first thing you notice when you enter the Grand Hotel located in Cobar, New South Wales. It has the distinction of being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest beer can ever.
The Big Banana – An average banana has around 370 mg of potassium. Guess how much potassium a 43 ft banana would have? None. While the Big Banana of Coffs Harbour, New South Wales may not be the healthiest banana around, but it is the most popular one. One of the first Big Things of Australia, it has attracted a lot of tourists since 1964. Around it you will find a restaurant, gift shop, indoor ski slope and a banana plantation. Go bananas!
The Big Golden Guitar – Another biggie in New South Wales is the 39 ft Golden Guitar. One of the most popular things to see in Tamworth, it is placed right outside the Longyard Hotel. If you are in the city for Tamworth Country Music Festival, try getting your hands on this fancy instrument. But be careful, it is heavy.
The Big Pineapple – Coming back to giant fruits, we have the Big Pineapple of Queensland, standing an outstanding 52 ft tall and 20 ft wide. No need to mention, it is possibly the biggest pineapple in the world. Here you can do much more than just click a selfie, there are a couple of rides you can take, a train will take you around the plantation and there is even a tiny zoo.
The Big Barramundi – While you are in Queensland, pay a visit to Daintree village to eat alongside a 23 ft barramundi. The giant sculpture sits on the top of the Big Barramundi Garden, a restaurant where you can enjoy all sorts of seafood, kangaroo and crocodile preparations.
The Giant Koala – Created in the year 1989, Giant Koala of the Dadswells Bridge in Victoria is 46 ft tall and weighs a whopping 12 tonnes. A wonderful place to make a quick pit stop while driving from around, it has a souvenir shop and a restaurant.
The Giant Worm – Giant worm is usually not something which can be listed as a tourist attraction, but if it is 820 ft long, it definitely can. Located in the humble town of Bass, this ‘giant worm museum’ is often labelled as “the wonder from down under” for being the only place with some of the world’s largest worms. The Giant Worm in itself is pretty incredible, not because of its size but because of the art that covers its exterior, where Australia’s wildlife and natural beauty has been beautifully exhibited with bright colours.
The Big Pheasant – Big Pheasant of Tynong is 26 ft tall and 56 ft. long and is one of the most colourful big things you will see. There is a lot to do around it and is a great place for a family to hang out.
The Big Boxing Crocodile – The list of giant animals does not end here. The big boxing crocodile is a popular site and has been standing since 1987. The 59 ft. tall structure in Wyndham, Western Australia is placed near the United fuel station and is a symbol of a significant crocodile population in the area.
The Big Tasmanian Devil – It might not be as big as other big things in this list but it is not just any fruit or worm, it is a fierce creature, looking right into your eye as you drive along the Mole Creek Main Road. It is located at the entrance of the Trowunna Wildlife Park, a wonderful place to spend some time and watch some of Australia’s fascinating wildlife, living in their natural habitat. The park is open daily, where you and your family can take part in interactive tours and watch devils being fed.
The Big Merino – The Big Merino or Rambo, as the locals prefer to call it, is a concrete merino ram, which stands almost 50 ft. tall is surely one of the biggest and the most noticeable of all the big things. The giant structure is located in Goulburn, New South Wales and has an amazing wool shop just below. You can even climb to the top of the structure and see what the world looks from a giant merino ram’s eyes.
The Big Rocking Horse – You think you are too old or big to ride a rocking horse? Try this one. It is 60 ft. tall and weighs over 25 tonnes. This ridiculously large structure is placed in a complex which has wooden toy factory where you or your kids can buy ‘normal size’ toys. There is also a wildlife park so you might want to take out a few hours of your schedule before visiting this place. It is located in Gumeracha, South Australia.

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