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The Little Miracles of Nature

 The Little Miracles of Nature

Many of us tend to squeal away looking at insects, whether we see them in our houses, or in the garden, wherever. We probably might have picked up the idea that insects are repulsive from watching others react the same way or think the same way. Our children might end up thinking and feeling the same way too. Sometimes, we tend to forget to appreciate the goodness in nature, the fascinating things about all creatures, however small they maybe. Have you seen the life cycle of a caterpillar? Have you seen the different types of beetles? Some come in colors so vibrant, you tend to smile and appreciate those tiny little things. Go to the park, and you will be mystified looking at different types of insects you find there. Take your kids with you, they would definitely find this engrossing.
Sure, there are annoying bugs like mosquitos. And yes, we try as much as possible to keep them away. Mosquito repellents like DIY help in keeping them away from your family. If that doesn’t work, try mixing a few drops of citronella, some clove oil, and tea tree oil with a cup of water. Try adding a few drops of witch-hazel oil too. Spray it around the house and the corners as well. And in case you or your children get bitten, try applying some ice on it and prevent them from scratching the mosquito bite.
Little Anupreet Dhody, aged 6, got a tiny little caterpillar from her father as a present. She put it in a box and fed it cabbage leaves several times a day for almost a week. Soon after, she observed that the little caterpillar evolved into a pupa, and soon after, a pretty little butterfly. So fascinated by this, she got more caterpillars and let them grow and flourish in her terrace garden. Now, you can find a hundred of them there, even more, at any given time.
If you want to do the same and make your garden into a lively kitchen garden surrounded with some many beautiful butterflies, try following these tips. Grow cabbages, curry leaves, lime, even custard apples. Butterflies will come and lay their eggs on these plants. And the caterpillars that grow will live on this type of vegetation. Want to increase the fertility of your soil? Earthworms are the perfect insects for the job. There are many useful aspects of these tiny yet beautiful insects. Other than the obvious fact that they bring life and color to your backyard, or the fact that your children would love to spend their time outdoors and observing the nature around them, insects help in pollination, which helps your plants in bearing fruits. Your children will love nature and all the life that fills it.
A wildlife rehabilitator Joanne Lauck, mentioned in her book that being disconnected from insects and nature can lead to the abuse of it. Humans and other life (insects, animals, etc.), should co-exist in harmony to maintain a serene relationship.

Harshit Sinha

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