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A luscious Andes delicacy with an Indian touch

 A luscious Andes delicacy with an Indian touch

With endless count of spices being used in succulent Indian delicacies, the same spices can be blended with any dish in any part of the world. Some of these spices date back 3000 – 4000 years, and are still being used as aromatic tastemakers. Quinoa is quite known for the edible seed that it bears and this grain has been used for consumption since ages. The benefit of using Quinoa in dishes is because of the fact that it contains relatively lesser amount of carbs than other carb sources. Quinoa is also known as Kinwa, but cannot be considered as a proper cereal. Rather, food scientists claim that Quinoa is a pseudo cereal which has certain amount of spinach, beetroot as well as tumbleweeds as part of its composition.
Delight for weight-conscious people
The one compound which plays an active role in the formation process of fats in the body is gluten. Quinoa has absolutely no percentage of gluten in it which makes it perfect for all those who are trying to formulate a workout regime to shed weight within a small time window. Quinoa is usually found in sandy soil that has been drained properly and is highly rich in proteins. The soil has to be moderately saline which pushes up the nutrient value of the seed.
Furthermore, with the presence of amino acids such as lysine along with phosphorus, calcium and iron, Quinoa carries immense value and henceforth, can be extensively used for all forms of delicacies. Losing weight has nowadays turned into nothing less than a taboo as every alternate person is following a workout regime religiously. Altogether, Quinoa has almost every nutritious element. In a way, we can easily call it as a wonder seed. Thus, with no gluten or carbs, Quinoa is certainly a marvellous spice that can add zest to any dish. For all those who had absolutely no idea regarding the capabilities of this wonder seed, now is the time to shed those extra kilos.
Origin & newfound popularity
It is said that Quinoa was found in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru thousands of years back. Upon being harvested, these seeds are processed thoroughly in order to ensure that all saponins are plucked out of it. The reason for the same lies in the fact that saponins impart a very bitter taste to the seed altogether. Traditionally, this seed was cooked mostly in the form of rice, or used in preparation of salads.
It was only recently that the production of Quinoa was heavily commercialized, especially in western countries. As a result, the price of the seed escalated at a fast pace with booming businesses opening up in all parts of South America. The popularity of the grain grew to this extent that 2013 was called as the International year of Quinoa.
Finally, we can trust one grain which has absolutely no amount of gluten in it, which in turn is ideal for those who want to burn that extra layer of fat.

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