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Make your home tech-savvy with these Futuristic Home Gadgets

 Make your home tech-savvy with these Futuristic Home Gadgets

With umpteen gadgets making their way into the market, we are becoming more and more acquainted with modern-age technological advancements, especially through plethora of applications that tend to make our lives easier. For those who are tech-savvy, mentioned below are some home gadgets that serve multitude of purposes and all we have to do, is to tap a screen.


This is perhaps, one of the most useful new technology gadgets that has been introduced by Taewon Hwang.We tend to forget which light switch is for what light, but the unique design of this switch will ensure that this does not happen.


Combining the latest TOLED display and conventional LCD, Michael Friebe has come up with the transparent TV. This allows the creation of solid moving pictures or non-transparent with a better range of colours and a colour range of pure white to solid black.


There might hardly be someone who has heard of 3-Dimensional wall panels owing to the fact that the concept is quite new to the market. This panel creates certain shapes which give a better and futuristic appeal to the room altogether and can be put in shops, restaurants and even homes. You would love to have this gadget cover your rooms and impart a chic outlook.


An Aura lamp is certainly one of the best home gadgets that you can have. This handmade lamp imparts a certain texture of light with a woven lamp hand hindering the light, henceforth producing a brilliant effect.


We all know the feeling when the battery of our beloved media player runs out. Not anymore as Sony has come up with Eclipse that has photovoltaic cells fitted on its back. These cells draw solar power, so the battery hardly dies, unless Sun fails to show up one day.
There are plethora of gadgets nowadays, which are oriented towards improving our lifestyle by introducing us to modern-age technology. With these new technology gadgets, your home is bound to look tech-savvy.

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