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Injections are troublesome things, whether you’re a kid or an adult. New research looks at patches of microneedles that are painless and quick, both for drawing blood and for injecting drugs. Read on to know more.
Hands up if you dislike injections.
Getting poked by a needle is not a pleasant sensation at any age, but especially if you’re a child or an infant, injection needles can cause bruises or jabbing spots if the recipient moves unexpectedly during the procedure. This can happen even with skilled medical practitioners, and is just a hazard that comes with the job, so to speak.
Thankfully, injection-haters all over the world could rejoice now, because there is a good chance that soon, we will all be given injection with the help of microneedles. A research team from Queens University Belfast have developed a tiny patch that uses microneedles to take samples from the interstitial fluid in the top layer of your skin. That contains all the same information that doctors need from regular blood draws, but without the bruising and scarring that babies can get from hypodermic needles.
The needles are contained on a microscopic patch, smaller than a nickel, and far sharper than your average needle. That means no bruising or side effects from the patch.
These microneedles can also be used to inject drugs into the system, which is what most injections are used for. The research team has reportedly succeeded in administering a wide range of drugs through microneedles to a group of patients. Immunologists are already getting excited over the possibility of administering vaccinations quickly and painlessly, especially to infants.
A lot of clinical testing needs to be done on these needles before they enter the market, but the initial signs are promising. Very soon, we may think of an injection as a thing of the past.
Won’t that be a relief!

Himanshu Yadav

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