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Himanshu Yadav

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Australia’s Decade-Long Strategy to Revamp Temporary Migration

Australia’s recent unveiling of a 10-year plan to reform its temporary migration program marks a significant shift in its approach to immigration. The move, anticipated to reshape the nation’s workforce and cultural landscape, highlights the government’s recognition of the crucial role temporary migrants play in Australia’s socio-economic fabric. The new strategy is driven by a...Read More

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Indian Degrees To Be Recognised In Australia

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Declares Recognition of Indian Academic Qualifications- Unveiling New Education Degree Verification System In a landmark announcement that promises to bolster educational exchange and cooperation between India and Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese declared that Indian degrees would henceforth be recognised in Australia. This development introduces an education qualification recognition mechanism...Read More

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Despite the frustration of homeowners over interest rate increases, experts predict a dramatic decline in house values

After the RBA raised interest rates by 50 basis points, the struggle of homeowners – who are already feeling the effects of inflation – got much worse. A knowledgeable broker discusses the impact of the RBA’s rate rise on homeowners’ mortgage rates and what it means for those wanting to purchase new homes. Since 2020,...Read More