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The 187 visa –also known as the RSMS visa – is designed for skilled workers who wish to work in regional Australia. It also grants holders permanent residence. Under the 187 visa you can work in Australia under one of three streams: TEMPORARY RESIDENT TRANSITION STREAM As a 457 visa holder who has worked for...Read More

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Bella DePaulo has a pet project. She’s on a mission to disprove the common belief that marriage offers a path to individual happiness and well-being. According to her research, such sentiments are misplaced and often misleading. She has often argued that were it not for the pressure society places on people to get married, a...Read More


Keep in touch with friends and family in India with Telstra’s flexible Pre-Paid Day2Day mobile plan

Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile network, has today launched the easy and flexible Telstra Pre-Paid Day2Day® mobile plan, with recharges starting from $5 for use for up to 5 days. For a minimum of $1 per day, charged every day (AEST) from customers’ available recharge credit, customers receive daily inclusions of: Unlimited calls and text to...Read More