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‘Eyelashes give your eyes shape and beauty. If you’ve been struggling with how to put mascara onto your lashes, here’s a quick article telling you how. Say goodbye to clumps, spots and smudges.’
Your eye lashes define the apparent shape of your eyes, and also their beauty. To get the perfect eyelash look, we know that we need mascara, but how do we apply mascara such that it doesn’t smudge or spot awkwardly and send our thin lash hair into clumps?
Until now, this question had no short answers. First you had to get the correct formula that you like. Then you had the get the right wand, and then use them in combination. Finding the perfect formula-wand duo could be a nightmare for most women, and therefore they end up with imperfect lashes, and sadly, imperfect eyes.
This is a shame because with a little effort, you can perfect that look of the eyelash. Sephora ( is now selling disposable mascara wands for as little as $7. You will still use your own favourite mascara formula that doesn’t harden or flake, but using one of the four available wands that come with the set – lengthening, volumising, curling or defining – you can apply the mascara to your lashes with minimum effort. What’s more, the wands are all made of rubber, so they hold their shape rather well throughout the stroke, which means that you get good, accurate results every single time.
The biggest advantage of using these wands is that they’re disposable after one application. So say goodbye to clumps that form due to not cleaning your wands. You don’t have to ever clean a wand again. Just use and throw. Now that’s every lazy girl’s dream right there, never having to wash her wands and brushes

Jenn Patrick

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