Pebble Steel Review: Smart & Stylish

 Pebble Steel Review: Smart & Stylish

When it comes to SmartWatches, users are always cynical as they feel that the look of the watch does not strike a chord with them. This is where Pebble Steel jumps into picture with its classy and stylish design as well as a sporty display. The predecessor model of Pebble Steel hit the market with a wave two years back and the IMG_2061response was overwhelming. This time, Pebble Steel has an exoskeleton made up of stainless steel but the interior features as well as specifications are somewhat the same as the antecedent model. In a way, Pebble Steel is somewhat identical to Pebble Plastic in terms of its functionality.
Pebble Steel comes with an LED backlit, 144×168 e-paper display having a battery life of 5-7 days. Furthermore, Steel comes with the same 4-button interface as its predecessor model and the skill set is identical to the original model of Pebble. Change can basically be seen in the exterior part of the watch. The stainless steel body will work wonders with formal attire. Initially, Pebble Steel comes with a leather band which can later be exchanged with metal one for a nominal price.
It supports Android as well as iOS operating systems although those using Apple will reap more benefits in terms of performance. The setup for iOS 7 is quite seamless and supports Pebble without any hindrances as such. All one has to do is pair both the devices and then install the updates accordingly. Once the installation process concludes, the notifications have to be mirrored so that the updates are reflected in both of the devices simultaneously.

Priyam Chatterjee

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