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Made in India Magazine | October 21, 2020

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| On 05, Mar 2020

The stress of planning a wedding, combined with a lack of sleep and a poor diet can take a toll on our skin, and dampen what should be an exciting and extraordinary day.

However, following this 6-week intensive prenuptial plan from Saimaa Miller, a naturopath and founder of The Last Resort, can help you get rid of rashes, pesky breakouts and even excessively oily or dry skin, and acquire the smoothest, most radiant skin yet.

Week 1 Diet

At the top of your list of priorities should be a healthy and clean diet, says Miller. It should be caffeine, alcohol and sugar-free, avoiding dairy products as well as processed foods.

That may sound like a lot of no’s, but there are still plenty of other things you can take including vegetables. Vegetables are a rich source of fibre that helps your blood’s circulation and provides the antioxidants that kill free radicals in your body; they also keep the skin elastic and give you the much needed feel-good factor.

One should also not forget to stay hydrated, taking 2-3 litres of water per day which helps flush out toxins, hormones and bi-products.

Week 2 Exercise

Exercise helps tighten the skin, tones the muscles and stimulates mood enhancers, making us feel right.

“When we feel good, we look good,” adds Miller, who recommends cardio exercises like skipping, running, boxing, swimming and cycling. “Make sure you do the talk test to gauge whether you’re in the fat-burning zone, “ she says. “Talking should be difficult as you need to be breathing heavily.”

Do anywhere between 45 min to 1 hour of cardio and strength training 5 to 6 days a week. It’s the easiest and best way to invigorate the body as it shifts dead skin cells, increases circulation and oxygenates the blood for the
upper glowing skin.

Week 3 Body Brushing

Body brushing stimulates your lymphatic system, exfoliates the surface of your skin and stops you from getting ingrown hairs. Use a firm natural bristle brush first thing before taking a shower daily to help rid your body of toxins, water retention and fatigue. Work especially on the pelvis where you have a lot of lymph nodes.

Miller recommends you “Move up to the tummy area doing clockwise circular movements, up around the breast tissue and then from hands to the heart area.

Week 4 Colon Therapy

Miller credits her resort with giving brides-to-be great results from colon therapy where a colonic irrigation is done once a week for the best results.
“The colon or the large intestine stores a lot of toxins and by-products, so when we cleanse the colon, it rehydrates the large intestine, which makes the skin vibrant and the eyes sparkle.” Says Miller.

Week 5 Deep Cleansing Facial

Although a facial can do miracles for skin clearness and tone, Miller recommends having it done a fortnight before the wedding day to give the pimples and toxins time to rise just above the epidermal surface and clear up.

“Any deep cleansing and manually exfoliating facial will eliminate blackheads and encourage beautifully clean and clear skin.” Says Miller who admits her favourite facial is the oxygenated facial.

Week 6 The Salt Scrub

Miller recommends brides in waiting to get a remineralising salt scrub a week before the big day.

“A good salt scrub uses organic products and should feel quite abrasive on the body,” she says, adding that, “It’s the easiest and best way to invigorate the body as it shifts dead skin cells, increases circulation and oxygenates the blood for the super glowing skin.”

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