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 We have come to think of sugar in our diet as bad, but ultimately, sugar is the only food that gets broken down into blood glucose the fastest. So if you’re looking for that instant bout of energy, look no further beyond sugar. However, having too much sugar is bad because having too much of anything is bad. Excess sugar, which is left over after the body has mined the glucose it needs, gets stored as fat. And no one wants fat.
 The problem with controlling sugar intake is that many of us have a craving for it. Today we list a few ways by which you can have your sugar and satisfy those cravings, and yet not eat so much of it that it will affect your health adversely.
Combine sugar with fibre
Combining sugar intake with fibre at the same time will ensure that it will be broken down and absorbed more slowly than if you were to consume it as part of a soft drink. That is because the fibre slows down the absorption process. High fibre foods can be porridge, fruits like papayas, and even muffins if made on a fruit base. Cafe-style muffins, based on white flour and butter, are not good in terms of fibre and ensure that the sugar is absorbed almost immediately after consumption. So choose your fibre well and have your sugar fix with it. Sprinkle some sugar over your papaya and you will be fine.
Use natural sweeteners
Nature has given us naturally occurring foods that are sweet to taste. They’re called fruits. Whenever you’re making a dessert, instead of looking at cakes cream as options, consider satisfying your sweet tooth with a fruit sweetener. Dates are great for sweetening desserts, and they’re a whole lot healthier than processed sugar too.
Say no to sugary drinks
Soft drinks, fruit juices, chocolates, sweet biscuits, muffins and most other desserts fit into this category. Always balance out your sugar intake with fibre or other such ‘heavy’ nutrients so that your body takes its time in breaking down the contents. Put just sugar into your body and you won’t be surprised to see the weight pile up.
Go easy on processed foods
Processed foods are convenient, but they’re not the best when it comes to health. While there is a lot to be said for the occasional quick meal out of a can, most of them are high in sugars. If you must have these, look for less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams.
Gradually reduce sugar intake
Just like any other habit, this one is easier to break if you can gradually cut it down. The less you have, the less sweetness your taste buds register, and the less you will want. It is just a case of conquering your mind and breaking a few habits.

Chirag Thakkar

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