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Eating out in Australia can cost you a lot of money, but not if you try out some of the place on the list we give you here.
1. Chocolateria San Churro
Not the best value in town because you get just six scrawny churros for about $15, but the chocolate dip that they give you with the churros is mind-altering. So if you have a craving for chocolate and churros, or churros with chocolate, head over to Choclateria. Though the churros are only so-so, the chocolate dip makes it all worth it.
2. Dominos
Watch out for and take full advantage of Cheap Tuesdays ($5 or $6 pizzas for pickup, cheap subs also). There are also often a lot of good deals, especially if you’re based in a certain area and/or join their email list and/or order online. (For example, in Perth we order from the Northbridge store and they always have better deals than the national ones sent out in the emails. Just check the vouchers section and put in your post code.)
3. Hungry Jack’s
The $5 Stunners are just that: stunning. They come with a cheeseburger or a chicken burger, or a double cheeseburger or whopper junior for an extra $1. You also get small fries, a small drink, and an ice cream sundae – with your choices being chocolate, caramel or strawberry. When you want a filling meal without burning a hole in your pocket, can you beat that deal? No, we don’t think so either!
4. Macdonald’s
Macdonald’s is still cheaper in the US than it is in Australia, but it has some good deals every now and then. The happy meal is a perennial value-for-money option, and you have $2 double cheeseburgers always on the menu. If all else fails, you can count on the classic 50-cent ice cream cones and free wireless internet.
5. Nando’s
It’s not as cheap as the other fast food places on the list, but it has the best quality of food, hands down. The chicken is tender and succulent. The peri-peri is awesome. And the chips are thick and salted just right. If you’re looking for a good meal and don’t want to splurge on a full-blown restaurant, Nando’s is a great bet. What’s more, the food fills you up nicely too.
6. Subway
Once again not as cheap as the other fast food options on the list, but it’s filling and more nourishing. You won’t get a $5 foot long, but $7 foot longs are possible depending on where you live and how good you are at hunting out bargains. On average, though, a decent subway sandwich will set you back by about $10. Which is not ideal, but they really do pack a punch nutrition-wise. Also, if you’re an early riser, you can order a breakfast sub between 8 and 9 AM for just under $2! Yes, you heard that right, except it’s just an omelette sandwich.

Montasir Ahmed

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