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Allergies are among the most common ailments known to modern medicine. There are at least 50 million people in the USA who are suffering from one kind of nasal allergy or the other. And that’s just according to official records. And at least 80% of these people suffer from one or the other kind of year-round allergic symptoms.
If you’re one of those people who suffer from allergies, first of all, don’t fret. It’s perfectly common. And second of all, rejoice, because we have some quick fixes for your allergies.
1. When you have black eyes in spite of resting well, and if they’re itching and if you just cannot keep your hands off rubbing them, take an antihistamine and apply a washcloth soaked in water or a cloth-wrapped ice pack for ten to fifteen minutes per day. That will take care of the inflammation, and will bring comfort.
2. If you have an itchy nose, and if you cannot keep away from scratching it or rubbing it unconsciously every few minutes, it may cause a line on the lower half of your nose called the ‘allergic crease’. To alleviate this, use tissues to only blow and not wipe. Treating your symptoms with allergy medication should also bring relief.
3. If histamines are causing itching on your skin all over, making you want to scratch yourself against something rough and strong, anti-histamine lotions made specifically for this purpose are available over the counter at most pharmacists.
So go ahead, treat yourself. Just because you have to live with allergies doesn’t mean you have to suffer them too.

Jason Lee

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