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10 Most Shocking Deaths which Shook the World

 10 Most Shocking Deaths which Shook the World

Every now and then we are reminded that we live in a world where nothing lasts forever. Death is an eventuality that everyone has to encounter. Often termed as the ‘eternal truth’, this common phenomenon has drawn the curiosity of the world time and again, especially if it involves someone famous. The passing away of celebrities has been surrounded by mystery and shock at times. Many legendary people have died tragically in unfortunate accidents, by committing suicides, due to drug overdose or were assassinated mysteriously. Here is a list of 10 most tragic deaths the world has ever witnessed –

  • Michael Jackson (Aug 29th 1958 to June 25th 2009) – MJ was a singer and dancer, perhaps the most successful and the most loved entertainer the world has ever seen. His name is registered in the Guinness World Record as the most powerful entertainer of all time. The ‘King of Pop’ had a huge fan base which even included celebs like Madonna, Paul McCartney, Quincy Jones, Brooke Shields and Britney Spears. His fans were hysterical about him and for them, there was just one God and it was him. Unfortunately, the iconic entertainer died due to intoxication caused by drug overdose of benzodiazepine and acute propofol. The incident left behind millions of fans mourning over the death of their God. MJ’s personal physician was convicted of ‘involuntary manslaughter’ and is serving jail term for four years.
  • Marilyn Monroe (June 1st 1926 to Aug 5th 1962) – We all are aware of who Marilyn Monroe was. According to many, she is the sexiest woman of all time. As per American Film Institute, Monroe is the sixth most influential female star of all time. People adore her and are still mesmerized by her captivating personality and ever so elegant sex appeal. Millions of hearts were broken when she died. The cause of her death was drug overdose. She died after an overdose of anti-depressants. Some people believe that she committed suicide and many others speculate that she was murdered. Whatever the real cause of her death is, she surely lived a glamorous life.
  • Princess Diana (July 1st 1961 to Aug 31st 1997)The beautiful ‘Queen of Wales’ is always remembered for her royal background, her innate charm and elegance, her attempts of fund raising at the times of natural calamities and also for her tragic death. She died in a terrible car accident and as soon as the news of her demise broke, people from all over the world, her relatives, her friends and fans showed shock and disbelief.
  • There are many theories which state that her death was not an accident but a well planned assassination. But since she is now gone, does all the speculations and allegations really matter?

  • Elvis Presley (Jan 8th 1935 to Aug 16th 1977)The legendary musician is the undisputed ‘King of Rock and Roll’. The cultural icon was an extremely powerful entertainer and is one of the most successful artists in the history of the music world. He holds a record for being the best selling solo artist. He even got a ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his contribution to the music industry. But ‘The King’ died a tragic death due to a massive drug overdose. He took a cocktail of 10 drugs in quantities that no physician would ever prescribe. When he died he was all of 42.
  • Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12th 1809 to April 15th 1865)Lincoln is without a doubt, the finest, most influential president US ever had. He propelled the country out from the clutches of American Civil War. He successfully fought the battle against ‘slave culture’ and he effectively led the country in the times of ‘economical struggle’. As a child, he belonged to an extremely poor family and yet he rose to become the president. His struggle, his vision and his will power made him an icon in the history of the world. He was assassinated by a popular stage actor, John Wilkes Booth as a part of a well thought out plan by a rival group, who had originally planned to kidnap him and other top government officials.
  • John Lennon (Oct 9th 1940 to Dec 8th 1980) – The founder of ‘Beatles’, John Lennon is considered to be one of the greatest Britons of all time. He was adored for his unmatched style and attitude which is perfectly reflected in his work. He was a very talented singer and composer. His fans, like that of MJ’s were crazy about him. But the irony is that he died because of a crazy fan, Mark Chapman, who shot him several times on the back. There are a lot of theories about why Chapman killed Lennon, some say that he was a lunatic, some say that he killed Lennon because he thought that Lennon was becoming more popular than Jesus, some say that the Govt. hired Chapman to assassinate Lennon.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (Jan 15th 1929 to April 4th 1968) – The Nobel Prize Winner for battling against racial discrimination, Martin Luther King Jr. is an iconic figure in the history of America. He was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and subsequently became the symbol of racial equality. He was a powerful orator, his 1963 speech – ‘I Have a Dream’ is considered one of the most influential speeches in the history of world. The man of words and wisdom was assassinated as a part of a political conspiracy.
  • John F Kennedy (May 29th 1917 to Nov 22nd 1963) – JFK was the youngest man to be elected as the President of US. He is remembered for his excellent leadership qualities and sharp perceptions. He led the country through modern day crisis and resolved the African-American Civil Right Movement. He fiercely battled the ‘Space Race’ against USSR for world supremacy. Despite of his incredible achievements, the powerful leader died a tragic death. He was assassinated in the year 1963. Many say he was victimized under a political conspiracy.
  • Mahatma Gandhi (Oct 2nd 1869 to Jan 30th 1948) – In India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is known as the ‘Father of the Nation’ because of his pivotal role in the Indian Struggle for Independence. The strong believer of non-violence fought a successful battle against the British Empire in order to get freedom for his country and fellow countrymen. Life lead by Mahatma Gandhi, his beliefs and actions, his leadership qualities and his ‘experiments with truth’ are a subject of research for scholars in all parts of the world. India got freedom in 1947 and Gandhi was assassinated in 1948 so he could not really enjoy the victory from the long battle which he fought for the nation. The man who preached peace and non-violence all his life died by taking three bullets on his chest.
  • Brandon Bruce Lee (Feb 1st 1965 to March 31st 1993) – The legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee died tragically at a young age. Brandon Bruce Lee, his son too died in an unfortunate incident when he was accidently shot by gunfire on the sets of a movie called, ‘The Crow’. He bagged the role after facing a lot of struggle and finally when the shoot of his first movie as the protagonist began, one of his co-actors accidently shot him. His death was a real tragedy, just like his father’s.

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