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22 year old accused of pimping children when she was just 15

 22 year old accused of pimping children when she was just 15

Amanda Spencer has been accused of plying nine children as old article-2567653-1BD11E3000000578-425_308x419as 12 years into the world of prostitution by giving them high doses of drugs and alcohol. Sources said that she used to force the girls to lie about their own age and get dressed up in a seductive manner so that they could have sex with unknown men of all ages one after the other in privately guarded rooms. As a matter of fact any of the children who tried retorting to her actions were greeted with hours of thrashing and whipping.
Prosecutor Michelle Colborne alleged that Amanda who herself was brought up in a foster care befriended young girls before showing them doors to the world of child abuse.
The matter is still in court for 22-year-old Spencer who hails from Rotherham and has clearly denied all the 38 charges levied upon her in reference to her act of forcing adolescents into child prostitution.

Priyam Chatterjee

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