Whether you’re a man or a woman, having cold feet during the days leading up to your wedding is the most natural reaction. Instead of fighting it or thinking it abnormal, use the tips listed out in this article to enjoy your big day and quell all those stress hormones.


If you are a soon-to-be bride and you find yourself getting cold feet as your wedding day approaches, you’re quite normal. Very few people go through this testing time without any anxiety. After all, marriage is a life-long commitment which has everyone – both men and women – nervous about the road ahead.

Besides, the wedding ceremony itself can be quite a stressful activity. Amidst all the joy and celebration, there is a lot of stress involved, with deciding about the venue, shopping for the right clothes, the right kind of food, getting the cards printed, getting them distributed etc. In all of this, you’re forgiven for feeling some jitters.

Here are some ways in which you can deal with them so that you don’t miss out on enjoying your big day.

1. Exercise

Work in a regular exercise routine into your day at least three months before your wedding day. This will not only help in getting you in shape so that you can fit into that dress, it will also calm your mind by getting rid of all the stress hormones. Something as simple as finding a calm time during the mornings to have a jog for a few minutes can make all the difference and allow you to face everything with a smile.

2. Go on outings with your closest friend

Use the company of your closest friend and do something to relax you, and to keep you from thinking about your big day. This can take the form of any activity that both of you enjoy and bond over, from going on shopping sprees to visiting the parlour for trying out some crazy options. If you’re the quieter type, invite your friend over for a beverage so that you can talk and laugh about old times. Nothing relaxes you better than laughter.

3. Speak to your married friends and relatives

You will most likely have some friends and relatives who have already been married for a while. Talk to them about the really serious questions that must be bothering you right now about whether you have taken the right decision, and whether everything will turn out as planned. You can tap into the wisdom of your parents for this as well, and you will see that most of your fears are either natural or unfounded. Anxiety for the future is not bad, but letting it restrict your ability to function is.

 4. Learn to delegate tasks

It is your wedding, of course, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything on your own. The more work you take on, the more burdened and anxious you will become. Try to delegate responsibilities and tasks, if not to outsiders then certainly to friends and family. For instance, you can assign your cousin the task of driving guests to and from the hotel, while your best friend can be tasked with overseeing appointments with the beautician.

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