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Apps are as important these days as air. Okay, we exaggerate for effect, but you know what we mean. If you’re living in the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne, then you need to fill up your phone with as many as these apps as possible so that you experience the city at its most charming.  

Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city, and has been declared that for four years in a row now. Often referred to as the culture capital of India, it is the home of the Australian Open, great coffee and food, art, fashion, sport and spectacular landscapes located less than a short drive away from the city.

In exploring this wonderful city, you may find use for some of the below listed apps because let’s face it: modern life is just not possible without apps.

1. Australian Open Tennis Championships
Easily the city’s flagship sporting event, with the Boxing Day Test at the MCG coming a close second. If you’ve missed out on this year’s Australian Open, don’t fret because there will be one on the way next year right on cue. The official app will let you follow all the necessary scores and fixtures, along with provisions for on-demand video highlights. What’s more, if you’re at the location, you will also get access to an interactive digital map that shows you around, whether you want to find the next tennis match or a beer and a sandwich.

2. Melbourne Official Visitor Guide
This is the best way to explore Melbourne as a city, whether you’re a tourist in town for a short while or you’ve lived your whole life here. The app covers a surprising amount of ground, right from the most famous world class events and festivals to the little known laneway bars and out-of-the-way pockets of culture and art. Just about everything worth seeing is listed here, so you just cannot go wrong with it.

3. tramTracker
Get a handle on Melbourne’s famous Yarra Trams Network. The tramTracker app, Melbourne’s most downloaded transport app, allows you to stay on top of when your trams are going to arrive and where. If there is a disruption on the network, you will be the first to know about it along with an ETA on the resumption of duties. You can also personalise your favourite stops and see the next three tram arrivals so that you can plan your journey in advance if necessary.

4. Wherethetruck
Melbournians love their food. Wherethetruck provides detailed coverage of the city’s food trucks, and gives real-time information on how and where to find one to hunt down your favourite dish. The app provides serving times and dates so that you will never miss a food truck again by a minute.

5. Melbourne Zoo
There are 320 different animal species to see at the Melbourne Zoo, so before you head out to the gardens, make sure you’ve planned your trip with care. The official trail map on the Melbourne Zoo app will act as your personal guide. You can set reminders about keeper talk schedules, audio highlights and read descriptions of animals as you pass them. It’s like having your own personal tour guide by your side.

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