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5 Bizarre Guinness Record Categories Held by Indians

Reading about the Amritsar policeman who swallowed forty knives and kept them inside his stomach for two months made us think. We went scouting for Indians who made it to the Guinness record books on the back of some strange things, and we found so many that we categorised them for you. Are you ready?

Did you hear of the Indian policeman from Amritsar who made the news for swallowing knives? Over a two-month period, the man made a habit of swallowing foldable knives which opened up to almost eighteen centimetres unfolded. When asked why he did it, he said that he found the taste quite agreeable, and that he must have been assisted by’some spiritual power’.

Now we’re not sure if this is some sort of record. Has there been a person who has swallowed more than forty knives at a time? In honour of this knife-eating man, we thought we’d tell you about some other Indian people who made it to the record books on the back of some pretty weird stuff. Here is a quick sample:

Worlds shortest

1. World’s shortest

There are two entries in this category. One is Jyoti Amge, the world’s shortest woman, measuring at 61.95 centimetres. She also held the corresponding record for being the shortest teenager alive when she was in her teens.

worlds shortest cow

The other record concerns the world’s shortest cow, named Manikyam, who at 61.5 centimetres is shorter than most street dogs. Indians are a diminutive race, so perhaps this claim to fame is not that surprising.

worlds largest chapatti

2. Food related records

India is also famous all over the world for its foods, so it’s to be expected that at least a few entries next to the country will be food related. There are three records of note here: the world’s largest chapatti, which was made at Jalaram temple, Jamnagar, and which weighed around 64 kilos;

worlds largest biryani

the world’s largest plate of biryani, at a whopping 12000 kilograms of rice and vegetables cooked by sixty chefs; and the world’s largest jalebi, which weighed 18 kilograms with a nine feet wide diameter.

worlds longest moustache

3. World’s longest

Three records stand out here: one goes to Jaipur resident Ram Singh Chauhan, 58, who owns the world’s longest moustache. Its current length is fourteen feet, and its proud owner says that he has carefully tended to it for just about thirty two years now.

Longest ear hair

The second record in this category belongs to 55-year-old Radha Kant Bajpai, who has the longest ear hair in the world. And the third record holder is Sridhar Chillal, who grew fingernails on one hand up to the length of 6.15 meters in total. He did not cut his fingernails over the 48-year period between 1952 and 2000.

largest group to sing national anthem

4. Records of numbers

India is the most densely populated country in the world, so you would expect some numbers records to tumble along the way. The four main records in this category is largest group to sing national anthem at one time, the most number of Mahatma Gandhi look-alikes in one place, most number of self portraits clicked at once, and the largest bharatanatyam performing group in the world (with 2100 performers at the same time).

Most number of Mahatma Gandhi

5. Unexpected records

We’re placing some fairly miscellaneous records here, those which you would not associate with India.

Worlds largest condom mosai

First in this category, India holds the record for constructing the world’s largest condom mosaic, made of 4418 condom packs.

Arushi Bhatnagar

The second record in this category features Arushi Bhatnagar, who holds the distinction for the lowest age at which a painter had her solo painting exhibition conducted. Arushi was just eleven months old when her solo painting exhibition was held.

The third and final record, surprising because India is not a rich country, concerns the most expensive wedding ever in the world, which took place when Laxmi Mittal’s daughter, Vinisha Mittal, tied the knot with investment banker Amit Bhatia in a ceremony that cost 60 million US dollars.

Expensive wedding ever in the world

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