Sport lovers live in a parallel dimension of their own. They have a calendar marked not by personal birthdays and memories but by sporting events. They remember their childhoods by iconic sporting images. For these diehard fans, we have a list of dates that you cannot miss in the year 2016.

Year 2016 promises to be a great year for sports. The Olympics in Rio, Euro 2016, The Ryder Cup…how many events to keep track of, how many dates to remember! Well, don’t fear because we love sports as much as you do, and we’ve gone to the trouble to give you a list of dates around which you can build your sporting year. Here goes!

1. Six Nations Rugby – 6 February
If you’re a rugby fan, only the Six Nations comes close to the World Cup in terms of prestige. Some hardcore fans of the game claim that the Six Nations is in fact tougher competition than the World Cup because the World Cup tends to invite some weaker teams, whereas the Six Nations features the best six rugby playing countries. With England looking ahead into a new era, it looks set to be a cracker.

2. T20 Cricket World Cup Final – 3 April
India is hosting the T20 Cricket World Cup for the first time ever, and as you can imagine with anything cricket-related that India hosts, the hopes are high with this one. Expect huge crowds, packed stadia and scintillating cricketing action as the international T20 carnival enters the spiritual home of this format of the game. Eyes will be fastened on India to see if they can repeat their 2007 heroics and lift the trophy this time.

3. Champions League Final (Football) – 28 May
The biggest prize in European football is the Champions League. Barcelona, with a certain magician named Messi in their ranks – are the current holders of the trophy, and are tipped to become the first ever team to retain their title. But then, we’re speaking of the very great football teams in the world here. Anyone can upset anyone on a given day, not to mention that the time is ripe for a new superstar to grace the world stage. Be there to witness magic unfold.

4. Men’s Singles Final at Wimbledon (Tennis) – 10 July
Who can forget the most iconic of sporting events, with arguably the richest history and tradition? As the gates to Centre Court open on 10 July, millions from around the world will tune in to their television sets to watch who will be crowned champion. Will Roger Federer’s flagging career summon one last fortnight of magic, and will he sign off as the Greatest Player of All Time?

5. Men’s 100m Final at the Rio Olympics – 14 August
The biggest event at the Olympics – the 100 meter dash – will get underway on 14 August. In a matter of ten seconds, we will know whether or not Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth, will claim yet another gold. It may just be the most significant ten seconds of viewing time of your sporting life, so don’t miss it. Also don’t forget that the men’s singles tennis finals will happen on the same day. Who will it be? Roger, Rafa or Djoker?

Harshit Sinha

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