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Nuts are an important source of protein and antioxidants, and doctors recommend that we all eat a fistful of nuts every day to keep up our health. In this piece, we give you a list of nuts that will do your health a world of good.
Nuts ought to be an integral part of every person’s diet. The FDA recommends that all of us should get about 240 calories’ worth of nuts every day. But many of us don’t give nuts the importance they deserve. Whether or not you find them tasty, here are a wide variety of nuts that give the most health benefits from around the world.
1. Brazil Nuts
A single serving of Brazil nuts may be enough to boost your selenium status. Healthy levels of the mineral are associated with a decreased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility, and other conditions. In one study, people who ate just two Brazil nuts per day for 12 weeks experienced a 60 percent boost in blood levels of selenium. According to researchers, the small serving of Brazil nuts is as effective as supplements at improving selenium levels and your body may even absorb it better from the nuts than from pills. Always go for a natural supplement over an artificial supplement. Mother nature is always more trustworthy than man-made chemicals.
2. Walnuts
Eating walnuts is good for brain activities, which is perhaps why they look so much like tiny brains. Walnuts are known to improve your memory, concentration, and information processing speed. Studies have concluded that people who ate a high amount of walnuts as part of their daily diets scored significantly better on a series of mentally challenging tests than those people who did not eat walnuts. Walnuts are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And one ounce provides more than 100 percent of your recommended daily value of alpha-lineolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that may protect your brain.
3. Almonds
No list of nuts will be complete without almonds. People who consume a serving of almonds per day were found to shed more belly fat and were found to experience a greater decrease in LDL, cholesterol compared to those who ate a muffin, which has the same number of calories. Almonds are small nuts, but they pack a punch in terms of nutrition. It has both muscle building protein and belly-filling fibre as well as healthy unsaturated fats.
4. Pistachios
Pistachios are great to help with your risk of diabetes. They reduce your blood sugar levels, and studies have shown that people who pop a few pistachios every day experience significant reduction in blood sugar levels and also improvements on how their bodies process insulin and glucose. Pistachio eaters also showed a decrease in inflammation and a boost in glucagon-like peptide 1, a hormone that helps control glucose levels, which may have helped stabilize their blood sugar.
5. Pecans
In order to protect your chances against neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s, your best bet is pecans. It is often called the food for the nervous system. In a study of mice

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