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Many of us let fear and uncertainty shackle us from achieving our dreams. Today we give you a blueprint to allow you to spread your wings and soar to the skies.
Many of us struggle with taking the first steps toward success, whether it is promotion at work, waking up early to exercise, quitting to follow up on our childhood dream, or anything else. Often the mind is willing but the spirit is weak. If you’re struggling with something like this, here are five actionable steps you can take to get up and going.
1. Identify the fear
We don’t take the leap into the unknown because we (rightly) fear a few things. The human mind has an evolutionary adaptation to fear things, and to make us unduly focused on what could go wrong. So the first step to success in your endeavour is to sit down and write what your fears are. Don’t think that thinking about it is enough; you will need to write it down and hang it up someplace where you can see it and imbibe it every day. Most importantly, write down a few scenarios on what is the worst thing that could happen.
2. Plan for the fearful
Now that you have a list of ‘worst case scenarios’, plan for them. For instance, if your dream is to quit your day job and become self-employed, one of your worst case scenarios could be that you will not be able to support yourself financially. Now start planning for that situation by being extra vigilant about your finances, and by saving more than you normally do. Introduce some habits into your life that will cushion the blow of the worst case scenario when it happens (or rather, if it happens).
3. Find role models
A role model or a mentor who has been through the path you’re embarking upon will be extremely useful. Not only will he or she serve as inspiration for you on those ‘I am not good enough for this’ days, they will also give you a roadmap for success. For instance, if you want to start a small business, find a small business owner in the same niche and see if you can forge a relationship with them.
4. Set a deadline
Based on your planning effort to mitigate your worst-case scenario, set a deadline on which you will take the plunge. Allow yourself some leeway here, because there will be times when you will not be able to progress as quickly as you planned. For example, if you plan to save a certain amount of money to cushion you through the ‘rough seas’ period, your deadline should be 20% longer, just so you have enough time to get back on your feet if anything unforeseen comes up.
5. Take the plunge
Once the deadline arrives nearer, you will know whether you have done enough to take the plunge. If you think you have, go ahead and do it! Also keep in mind that success is a great thing to look forward to, but don’t be afraid of failure either. Failure is more likely to occur than success, and it will teach you more. So sail on forth, expecting success, but willing to embrace failure as a friend

Harshit Sinha

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