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The blush can be found in every woman’s makeup kit. But do you know how easy it is to apply it wrong? Today we bring you a few tips on how to correctly apply blush to your cheeks so that it fits well with your face shape.
If you have a thing for makeup, the invention of blush must compete with that of the fire and the wheel. What the latter two have done for the forward march of mankind, surely the humble blush has done for womankind. It brightens up your face, adds tonal quality to your skin, and balances a bold lip to perfection.
However, not all blushes are created equal, nor are all faces. For instance, did you know that there are different techniques of applying blush depending on what face shape you have? That means no matter how your face is, you can use blush to complement the look. Here are a few tips that you can use straight away.
1. For a round face
Round faces are often cute and pleasing to look at, and they often carry beatific smiles. But they also crave edges and definition sometimes, especially around the cheekbones area. So try to suck in your cheeks and apply a tiny amount of blush beneath the bones. Follow the contour of the bone in a straight line, and avoid applying it in circles because that will only make your cheeks look plumper and your face rounder. Remember: straight, thin lines, directly under the contour of your cheekbones.
2. For an oval face
Adding some colour to the top of the cheekbones is recommended if you have an oval face. Make sure you blend the hue up towards your temples so that your cheekbones get that ‘lifted’ look.
3. For a square face
Circular application of blush comes in handy if you have a square face that can do with some rounding and smoothening. In order to soften the sharp, angular features of a square face, apply blush in circles to the apples of your cheeks only, so that you can ‘ovalise’ your face for those special occasions.
4. For a long face
A ‘long face’ is not just a metaphor for sadness, it’s also a legitimate face shape. To make your face appear wider, apply blush in horizontal stripes across the apples of your cheeks towards your ears. Make sure you’re blending it well into the complexion of your skin, though, because you don’t want to be looking like a tigress or a baby leopard.
5. For a heart shaped face
These are faces with plush and rich cheek-apples and strong jawlines. To draw attention away from them, always apply blush to the bottom of your cheekbones, not on the apples themselves. This will give you an effect similar to contouring and allow your cheekbones to hog all the limelight.
If you’re unsure of what your face shape exactly is, don’t worry. Just make a guess and try out the above tips on a trial-and-error basis. If you get it wrong, just try something else. Don’t worry, you will know when you get it right. Good luck!

Divya Singh

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