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Minimalism is the name of the modern design game. Nothing speaks elegant more eloquently than a well-chosen combination of elements and colours. What if we told you that you can bring the same freshness to your home with no effort at all? Well, read on.

In the modern day and age, less is more. Minimalism as a design feature has become more and more popular as our lives have become busier, more cluttered and noisier. Now more than ever, a tastefully designed element is much more beautiful than a bunch of elements trying too hard to say something. Minimalism as a lifestyle is now being adopted by more and more people all around the world.

Minimalism now means elegance. In this piece, we will tell you how to bring minimalism into your home and make it part of your daily life.

Adopt a minimalist attitude
If you wish to be an elegant minimalist, first achieve the mental state of one. Being minimalist means controlling the craving for collecting items and filling up your space with stuff that you don’t need. Whenever a human being is shown space, his first instinct is to fill it with something. In order to control this, you have to adopt the attitude of being able to do with bare essentials. This often means saying no to many desires to possess.

White is your go-to colour
The colour white enlarges a person’s sense of space and lends any object an incandescent finesse. Give everything in your room a lick of white paint – for enhanced effect, combine gloss and matte tastefully to create a sense of depth and perception.  Walls, ceilings, countertops, woodwork – you name it, and then you paint it white. This is the very basic step in achieving a minimalistic design. And then use black sparingly around your space to create those contrast spots.

Choose one ‘statement element’ per room
In every room, have one centrepiece element that will make a statement about the mood in that room. This can be an abstract painting hanging off the wall, or a bright-coloured shower curtain, or a transparent chandelier descending from the ceiling. Whatever it is, resist the urge to create competing pieces in the same room. Have one lead part, if you will, and create a cast of smaller, supporting elements that will give your room a dash of cool.

Consider industrial feature walls
Though it doesn’t tie in with minimalist principles, consider getting one wall of your living room an industrial theme. This means exposed brick, slabs of concrete lined with granite, or even team beams that give your home a rustic look. Combine this with the white, polished look of the remaining three walls and you will turn many heads.

See-through furniture
Transparent coffee tables, chairs and lamp bases make the perfect foil for your minimalist design choices. These not only make the room feel larger (because hello, you can see through the furniture), but they also make it seem airier and less dark because light passes through the objects. The bright whiteness of your room will flow through, uninterrupted.

Himanshu Yadav

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