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In a recent visit to Beijing, Indian External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj called for a six-point template for India-China ties so that both nations can march forward together towards progress and development.
External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj went to Beijing in early February, on a three-day visit. She said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will likely visit China in May for his first visit to the country. She called for a six-point template to boost India’s relationship with China, detailing what officials said was a broad guideline designed to better relations that have been fractured in recent times with the border issue.
Swaraj also met the Indian diaspora in China, who came from long distances to meet the External Affairs Minister. She spoke about the ‘Make in India’ campaign of Narendra Modi, urging people of the Indian community to support it and take part in it. She said that there was much interest in China on the likelihood of economic development occurring in India after the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.
She also revealed that the Modi Government is willing to make it easier for Chinese businesses to set up shop and operate in India. The path for Chinese investors to invest in India is also likely to become easier in the coming months.
She also outlined a new ‘six-point template’ to take ties forward, calling for “an action-oriented approach, broad-based bilateral engagement, convergence on common regional and global interests, developing new areas of cooperation, expand strategic communication and fulfilling common aspirations to usher an ‘Asian Century’.
India and China form the fulcrum of the growing power of the Eastern Nations at the global negotiating table. If the relationship between the two countries are forged well, it can only be good for both of us going forward.

Daisy Akhtar

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