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There’s nothing you cannot do with an app these days. An app a day keeps the blues away seems to be the mantra of modern life. In this article, we will show you what apps you need to have on your phone if you live in Sydney. The best part? They’re all free.

Let’s face it. We live in an app-happy world. Ever since smartphones caught on like nothing else before, the world of apps has grown into this huge, multi-billion dollar behemoth. It has already been a couple of years since some smart fellow on the internet coined the meme: Do you have an app for that?

Living without apps these days is impossible. When you’re in Sydney, here is a list of free apps that you simply cannot do without.

1.  The Happiest Hour

This app taps into the innate human need for cheap booze. It shows you the nearest establishments around you where drink and food deals are on, every day of the week. The map function is easy to navigate, and all that is stopping you from bingeing on cheap alcohol is your will power.

2. Sydney Food Trucks

This is all about meals on wheels, people, so get on board. With this app on your phone, you will always be in the know about which gourmet food filled truck will come where at what time. And you will be ready for it. The app also includes the menu for each food truck, so if you’re the kind of person who makes lunch plans in advance, it works even better.

3. Beat the Q

What if you could pre-order your coffee and food from your favourite cafe so that you can drop in just as it is about to be delivered? Well, with this app, you can. Some of us think that this takes out the charm of waiting for food to be brought in, but in busy Sydney, who is charmed by charm anymore?

4. GoodTonight

What’s good tonight, you may ask as the sun sets on a Friday evening. With this app, you will know which places in the Sydney CBD area is offering live music or good food deals. With GoodTonight, you will never be wondering where to go next on your evening out with friends.

5. Sydney Wildlife

There is a lot of native wildlife in Sydney, and this guide to mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and everything in between will make you a walking expert among those you know. And of course, it will also show you all the places where you can meet Mother Nature and say g’day.

Amit Batra

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