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Combating Obesity Even More Difficult as McDonalds Home Delivers

 Combating Obesity Even More Difficult as McDonalds Home Delivers

According to the Obesity Policy Coalition, more than 60 percent adults and a quarter of Australian children are overweight and since McDonalds is all set for home delivery, maintaining healthy eating habits has become even more difficult for the fellow Australians. The fast food giant is running a trial of home delivery service from an outletarticle-1388382-03495CEA000005DC-477_468x286 located in Sydney, which has one of the highest numbers of obese people in the country. The outlet located in North Parramatta is offering ‘family value’ meals that contain chicken nuggets, hamburgers, soft drinks and fries (you have the option of side salads as well). You can avail the service anytime between 5 pm to 9pm on all seven days.
The delivery is not free though, you have to pay $4.95 as delivery fee and your order should be of minimum $25. According to a McDonald’s spokesperson the trial has received a good response so far. Nutritionists say that the service is a blow to healthy eating as it makes it easier for people to get unhealthy food which is high in saturated fat and salt content. Jane Martin from the Coalition says, “These chains have huge marketing budgets, provide unhealthy food at low cost and are now home delivering, which makes it harder and harder for people to make healthier choices”. Next time you see McDonalds ads or billboards, tightly shut your eyes so that you can’t register their home delivery numbers. That’s the only solution, we guess!

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