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Divorce Expos: Helping people negotiate the rough terrains of a divorce

 Divorce Expos: Helping people negotiate the rough terrains of a divorce

Not all marriages are fulfilling and end with evocative pictures of matrimonial bliss and contentment. At times, people resign themselves to the failure of their relationships and let the marriage continue. This is done either in order to protect children from the shock of separation from one of the parents or to avoid the trauma that associated with ending the marriage. But there are people who take definitive steps towards easing a situation that’s stifling to both the parties involved, by filing for divorce. Whatever the case may be, the process of divorce is never easy on a person.
Setting aside a carefully structured marital life, and wrenching oneself away from a partner to contemplate the start of a new, initially solitary life, is not an issue that can be dealt with easily. This is precisely the reason why people, who are on the verge of a divorce or are going through it, need all the emotional support that they can get. In such situations, checking out a Divorce Expo could be a worthy proposition.
Origin of Divorce Expos
Expos have their origins in colourful village fairs and craft fairs, which provided platforms for aspiring craftsmen and businessmen, at a time when mass media wasn’t yet a powerful promotional tool. Over the years, Expos have evolved to embrace certain novel concepts. ‘Wedding’ was one such concept that Expos started dealing with. Wedding Expos primarily targeted prospective couples and newlyweds and helped them through an important transition phase in their lives. They also brought together wedding planners, decorators, wedding costume designers and caterers etc. on a single platform.
Divorce Expo is an extension of the Wedding Expo concept. Instead of caterers and planners, a Divorce Expo brings together marriage counsellors, financial advisers, psychiatrists, and self-help gurus on one platform. The whole purpose of this set-up is to help people, who are contemplating a divorce or are already divorced, to negotiate those rocky terrains of life. They aid them in overcoming the emotional upheaval that a divorce throws up.
Divorce Expos and what they entail
As of now, Divorce Expo is a novel concept in the US and the first Expo was organised by a mother-daughter duo in New York in 2012. Drawing inspiration from some such experiments in Europe, where Expos of this nature are already playing a meaningful role.
“A Divorce Expo is a platform for divorcees as well as those contemplating a divorce, to seek and receive help from professionals, who hail from fields that are associated with marriage, thus helping them to maintain their emotional, financial and social stability”. For example, those who have filed for divorce or are preparing to do so can get legal advice from expert lawyers regarding nuptial agreements and equitable distribution of assets and shared marital property.
There are psychiatrists and marriage counsellors for couples, who are going through rough patches in their relationships, to facilitate a better understanding of the situation. Divorcees, who’re contemplating a new romantic association, can seek advice from dating experts participating in Divorce Expos. They are advised on the pros and cons of settling down with a new partner. There are even designers and stylists to boost the confidence of divorcees, who give them makeovers and help them in procuring a new wardrobe. This, in a way, is a means to pamper their battered souls.
Divorce Expos are here to stay
The phenomenon is garnering popularity, and spreading rapidly. A Divorce Expo is slated for April, 2014 in Perth. This goes on to show that more and more people are turning towards professional help, to cope with divorces.

Syed Amaan Ahmad

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