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Handy Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer

 Handy Tips to make your Smartphone battery last longer

With Smartphones getting speedier, bigger and packed with more and more features each passing day, the common dilemma has been battery performance. An average Smartphone these days lasts twenty-four hours without charge as compared to our old friend Nokia 1100 which lasted two weeks.
The difference is in usage. Smartphones these days are like personal computers. They help users play games, watch videos, take pictures, surf the internet – all functions that take a heavy toll on battery life. Since you can’t carry a portable battery charge with you all the time, you can take some precautions to ensure that your battery lasts longer.
Activate power save mode
By activating this, present in most Android and Windows phones, you can turn off push email, screen brightness and Facebook updates. Apple phones on the other hand have a free application like Battery Life Pro that helps monitor performance and shut down applications.
Adjust Screen Brightness
Once you select this option, your mobile phone screen will adjust its brightness depending on the lighting conditions, dimming down when appropriate and saving power. If your phone has the auto lock feature, make sure that is activated too because locked screens consume a lot less energy.
Silent mode is the best
If you spend most of your time in a professional environment where loud ringtones are a strict no-no, it’s better to put your phone in silent mode rather than letting it vibrate. It won’t distract you at work and you can always make exceptions for important contacts.
Shut Down Apps
There are chances that your phone might be running some applications without your knowledge in the background, eating up battery life. Use the settings tab or the task manager to close down such apps when not using them. Or get a task killer app to do it for you.
Turn off Connections
Your Smartphone has Wifi, GPS and Blue tooth capabilities. Unless you need to use them, ensure that all these are turned off or else your phone will waste battery life while continually looking for the nearest connection.
Set correct intervals for Email, SMS, Contacts and Calendar sync
The best way to conserve battery while ensuring that you don’t lose connectivity is to tweak your phone settings to check for email every hour. SMS, contacts and calendar can be synched once a day or in bulk.
Minimise the use of Camera Flash
Flash is a huge drain on battery resources even in digital cameras and the same holds true for mobile phones. Unless it’s an emergency, turn it off.
Charge only when your battery is near-empty
Battery charging works in cycles, so don’t charge your phone just because you are close to a charging point. I don’t charge my battery unless it’s got less than 15% charge left. I always carry two batteries for my phone just in case. I also own a portable charger that allows me to charge my battery on the fly and can easily sit in my laptop bag.

Pranav Sahay

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