Why Face Serums are Better than Moisturisers

 Why Face Serums are Better than Moisturisers

General perception about face serums is that they are expensive alternatives to skin moisturisers. While we are not shunning the fact that they are expensive, face serums do a lot more than just moisturization. You pay more because you are getting more concentration of active ingredients that have better penetrative qualities. While skin moisturisers simply hydrate your skin for a short span of time, face serums aim to improve your overall complexion.
A face serum reduces the pore size and helps in cell growth and regeneration. Thus, your skin feels softer, smoother and suppler. Unlike moisturisers that stay on the outer surface of your skin, a face serum comes with a lipid-soluble base, allowing it to penetrate deep inside your skin, for better results.
How to Pick a Serum for Your Skin Type – If you have normal skin (neither dry, nor oily) pick a serum with ingredients like alpha lipoic acids and glycolic acids. If you have acne prone skin, look for serums with ingredients like L-ascorbic acid and retinol.
How to Apply Serum Correctly – After you are done with your daily cleansing routine, take a very small (pea-sized) amount of the product on your hand and apply it on your face and neck. Wait for 4-5 minutes, let your skin absorb the serum completely and then apply moisturiser on your skin. You need to make sure that your skin is neither too wet nor too dry before applying the serum. It’s best to apply serums in the night, before you go to sleep, since excessive exposure to UV rays can oxidise the produc

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