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Are you a student visa holder studying in South Australia with hopes of being nominated one day for an Australian PR? Do you not have the required IELTS and work experience requirements?
If so, then good times could be just around the corner.
You could be nominated for Australian PR even without fulfilling the IELTS and work experience requirements.

South Australia has announced a new scheme by which certain students studying in public universities will be exempt from English language and work experience requirements to a particular category of state nomination applicants.
These applicants will also be eligible to a more extensive list of occupations, available on the State Nominated Occupied List.

Who is exempt?
The official name for people who are exempt from IELTS and work experience is ‘high performing graduate’. In order to qualify as a high performing graduate, you should have completed one of the following requirements at a South Australian public university.

  • You have a PhD or Masters by Research.
  • If you’re enrolled in Masters by Coursework, you have a GPA of 6.0 or above.
  • First Class Honours in a dedicated Honours year (which means the year following a Bachelor’s degree).
  • GPA of 6.0 or above in a Bachelor’s degree.

What are ‘public universities’?
The three South Australian universities that are valid for this exemption are Flinders University, University of Adelaide, and University of South Australia.

Need to meet requirements for Skilled Migration Visa
Please note that the state nomination will be given in this category only to applicants that meet state and federal requirements for a 190 or 489 Skilled Migration visa. So the skilled migration visa requirements are a pre-requisite in order to qualify for a ‘high performing graduate’ visa.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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