Laucala Island: Splendid private resort in Fiji

 Laucala Island: Splendid private resort in Fiji

If you are on the lookout for the perfect retreat for your upcoming holidays, laucala-island-resort-designboomathen Laucala Island in Fiji might just be the ideal place for you provided that you pockets are heavy. Man-made extravagance and pristinely natural beauty of this place will give you an impression of something far away from reality as this private island falls in the South Seas.
Very recently, the resort was refurbished by London-based prominent interior designer Lynne Hunt who gave a totally refreshing and appealing outlook to the resort all together. The island gives an exact impression of an island based in the Pacific and has its own airport as well. There are mountains on the island which are surrounded by serene blue seas on all sides.
Dietrich Mateschitz, the co-founder of Red Bull happens to be the proud owner of the private resort. Originally, the resort was owned by publisher Malcolm Forbes until 2003 when Mateschitz decided to buy it from him as a personal holiday retreat.

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