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How to make your nails grow stronger?

 How to make your nails grow stronger?

Have you ever noticed the skin around your cuticles turning flaky and dry? Although, you can fix this problem anytime within seconds by pulling it off with a cuticle clipper but study shows that these small things are a sign of weak and unhealthy nails. Here, are a few easy tips that can do wonders to your nails.

  • Avoid the habit of nail bitingHow to Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Stronger

Biting your nails can definitely make your nails very weak. We know that it’s a tempting habit but try convincing yourself how much difference it can do to your nails. If you are still not able to curb your nail biting habit, apply some bitter nail paint on your nails. It might help.

  • Go for pedicures and manicures regularly

It is not pleasure but a necessity to go for manicures and pedicures about twice a month to a parlour. The beauty experts know how to file your nails properly and make them even. Applying a coat of transparent nail paint can also help strengthen your nails.

  • Eat a balanced diet daily

Diet plays a major role in strengthening most of the body parts and nails are one of them. Include food items in your diet that are rich in calcium and potassium. Avoid excessive intake of sugary meals.

  • Stay hydrated

At times our nails become brittle and dry due to lack of moisture. In order to prevent that from happening, drink plenty of water so that you can flush out the various toxins present in your system.

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