Onboard for a Bizarre Travelling Experience?

 Onboard for a Bizarre Travelling Experience?

Are you tired of people who post their pictures on Facebook every now and then, showing off the fabulous time they just spent in picturesque locations? Let’s give them something to cry about! But wait a minute. The idea has nothing to do with visiting a paradise like destination with beautiful beaches or traditional architectures, but to visit some of the most bizarre destinations of the planet. Show these lovey-dovey couples that there’s more to explore in this world than cliché touristy destinations.

  • Volcanic Grill and Oven3210528-139087-camels-waiting-for-tourists-in-national-park-timanfaya-on-lanzarote-spain At Timanfaya National Park which is located in Spain, you can have grilled chicken which has been cooked ‘on a real volcano’. The on-site restaurant of the park serves you a number of delicacies which are cooked with the help of heat produced by the volcano. It is one of the very few places in the world where you can do that. Sounds like an intriguing culinary experience, isn’t it?
  • Cathedral Made Up of Human Boneshuman_remains_12 (1)Seen enough frescoes and stained glass windows at some of the most stunning churches from around the world? Visit this one! Capela dos Ossos is a cathedral located in Portugal which is made out with the bones of over 1,200 monks. The tiny cathedral which was built in 1719 is located near the town of Faro in South Portugal. It is believed that the bone architecture signifies mortality. You can spot a number of skeletal arms, legs and teeth while tip-toeing around the cathedral. Chilling!
  • Nuclear Bunker DSCF1431-300x225 If you are in Hungary, visit the nuclear bunker and hospital located in Central Budapest. The ex-Soviet bunker which was erected during the Cold War is an intriguing macabre. You’ll see gas masks and medical kits on every corner of the bunker. You can almost experience the paranoia and the claustrophobic feeling that haunted the place for several years while it functioned.
  • David Cerny’s Gigantic Babies 1759247802_4_statue-david-cerny-giant David Cerny was a popular sculptor from Czechoslovakia. He has designed a number of provocative sculptures which are located in Prague but this particular one is rather weird. Visit the Museum Kampa and you’ll see the three giant babies, without a face, guarding the entrance. The strange sculptures are made from fiberglass and each weighs more than 800 kilograms. Less than 7 miles away, the babies reappear. This time 10 of them, crawling up the Zizkoy TV Tower. When they were installed, the public’s reaction was fascination as well as indignation. No wonder!
  • Hidden Ice CavesEisRiesenWelt-Ice-Cave Visit the largest ice caves of the world, located in a small Austrian village called Werfen. You’ll be left dumbstruck while entering the caves. There are 30 miles of weird ice formations, stalactites and stalagmites in these caves. Only a certain caves are open to public and photography is strictly forbidden. You can only visit the caves if you have a guide with you and to be honest, you won’t be able to get out without his help. The caves are freezing cold and the pathway is really narrow.
  • Underground Canals worsely1_tunnel_1A mention of Paris conjures visuals of romantic streets, roadside cafes and the beautiful Seine but only a few know that a network of mysterious waterways is running under those softly lit, mesmerizing streets of Paris. The neglected canals can be visited by going on a canal tour. The watery darkness of these waterways will surely set your heart racing, especially if you’ve seen films like Godzilla or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Let’s just hope, you won’t get a heart attack when a boat screeches or you notice a mysterious shadow on the walls.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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