Your Remote and Switches are Making You Sick

 Your Remote and Switches are Making You Sick

Don’t you always wonder how when one person in the house catches a cold or a virus, others fall victim to it in the following days? Even with precautions like avoiding close contact and covering mouth while sneezing, germs always find their way into someone else’s body. The culprit is not the sick person, it is the house that is to be blamed.
When you fall ill, the easiest way you can transfer germs is through the most commonly used objects in the house, the doorknobs and switches. Whenever a sick person touches a switch, germs are left behind, waiting to hijack the next body that comes in contact. Before germs take over your entire house, make sure that you clean these commonly used objects regularly while someone is still sick in your family. These are not the only things which act as carriers; there are many other little places we tend to ignore and which need your and your wipe’s attention.
Remotes of gaming consoles or television are excellent carriers of germs. Wiping them with a little alcohol or sanitiser on cotton balls will do the trick.
Bathroom accessories and sink handles.
Keep replacing hand towels with fresh ones frequently.
Change bedroom linen, especially cushion or pillow covers.
Because you can’t keep every inch of the house free from germs, make sure that everyone in the house washes hands throughout the day.

Brinda Rajkumar Shah

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