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Siddarth Mallya Admits Being in a Relationship with Deepika

 Siddarth Mallya Admits Being in a Relationship with Deepika

When Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone fell in love with each other, everyone thought it’s going to last forever. They used to be the most stunning couple in the tinsel town and their fans loved seeing them together. The best part was, the two of them never denied the fact that they were dating each other. But post their break-up, both Ranbir and Deepika made it a point to never openly admit being in a relationship. Neither Deepika admits that she is dating her current beau Ranveer Singh, nor Ranbir confesses of being in a relationship with Katrina Kaif.
Deepika was also linked with Siddarth Mallya (Son of Vijay Mallya) post her breakup with Ranbir, but apparently she never confessed. However, a few days ago Siddarth admitted that there was some heat between the two of them. He spilled the beans in an interview by saying, “Yes, we were dating and I am still in contact with Deepika.” He not only talked about Deepika, but a number of other actresses as well.
When asked whether he is now dating Freida Pinto, he furiously responded that people like to throw parties on their birthdays and he happened to be in that group, on that particular day. He clarified that there were five people in those pictures from the party but since he and Freida were the famous ones, people started rumours about them being in a relationship. Siddarth also justified that a while ago people linked him with Anushka Sharma as well, when in reality he has met the actress only once or twice at social events.

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