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If you needed more evidence that consuming soda is not good for you, then here’s some. A new study has found that if you drink soda regularly, you may be literally drinking away the youth without getting any benefits from it whatsoever. Yes, it’s that bad.
Now, youth is not something that lasts forever anyway, but we don’t think it’s sensible to give it away before its time comes. After all, all of us want to be younger for longer, not just by mind but also in our physical bodies.
Researchers assessed 5,309 adults’ consumption of sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit juice, and diet soda over 24 hours. Then, they compared the adults’ telomeres, chromosome components that naturally shorten as you get older and are used to estimate your biological age.
After adjusting the results for a variety of factors, researchers found that for every daily 8-ounce serving of regular (non-diet) soda consumed, people had shorter telomeres. To put a number on it: If you drink a standard serving size (i.e., 20 ounces) of regular soda per day, your biological age could be about 4.6 years older than that of non-soda drinkers.
So if you’re a regular soda drinker, what are you to do? The best option is to cut it down, if you cannot cut it out. No matter what you do, though, some lifestyle changes may be a good thing, where you exercise a lot and go on a healthy diet. Also keep your social life balanced, because happy people live longer. It’s just science.
Don’t just eat healthy. Drink healthy too.


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