Telecommunications giant Telstra fined for poor service standards

 Telecommunications giant Telstra fined for poor service standards

Telstra has always been considered as a heavyweight in the Telecommunications industry but lately, the company has hit rocks after being slapped with a fine of $510,000 by the regulator of Telstra-002Communications for missing out on service standards. The administrative penalty was issued to the company as it failed in keeping service standards while providing new landline connections that were promised to the customers.
All of the benchmarks come under the Customer Service Guarantee of Telstra and these were the primary conditions that were holding the privatisation motive of the company. Some of the benchmarks included faulty repairs, setting minimum standards for new landline connections and attending to appointments with the customers.
According to Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), out of nine benchmarks, seven were achieved by the company. In percentage, Telstra was supposed to reach a benchmark of 90 percent but it stopped at 88.6 which is basically a deficit of 3,938 landline connections.

Chirag Thakkar

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