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The Top Habits of Couples in a Strong and Healthy Relationship

 The Top Habits of Couples in a Strong and Healthy Relationship

Did you look at that one long-term couple and wonder how on earth they are still together? In an era where Tinder, hook-up-and-forget, and one-night stands rule the roost, it takes a lot to comprehend what goes into building a long-term, stable, healthy relationship. That is not to say that couples don’t see rough patches. They know how to wade through the muddiest of waters, and it’s because they know how to do it right.
The Best Habits That Can Help You Have a Long-lasting Relationship
Here are some habits that help them come close to each other, bond better, and grow stronger as a pair every day:

1. Spend Quality Time

Many people confuse this with the number of hours, weeks, or months they spend with each other. Quantity hardly matters when you spend quality time, even if it’s for an hour or a day. The happiness lies in the small things that you share with your partner. Spending quantity time becomes especially important if you are in a long distance relationship. Things could get tricky, but let time and love work their magic.

2. Work on Your Communication

The older a couple gets, the more secrets they keep from each other. As many as 43% of men and 33% of women in the U.S. in a recent survey, stated that they are keeping a major secret from their partner. However, every couple that you’ll see, who is in a healthy and happy relationship, will testify to the importance of healthy communication as the key to a loving long-term relationship.

3. Give Each Other Respect

Infatuation, affection, trust- all of these hold as much significance in the equation of a relationship as does respect. Just like these quotients, respect is also a constant, not a variable. Your partner should be able to look at you every time with pride and respect. Otherwise, a long-term healthy relationship doesn’t retain its health for long.

4. Express Love in Actions

Saying you love them thrice, four times, or even n number of times a day is up to you. However, after a certain period of being together, you start to discover new ways of expressing your love, not through words, but through actions. Sharing your food with them, looking back at them when leaving home, caring for them when they’re sick, reading out a poem0- all these are quiet but precious and invaluable ways of saying how dear you hold them to yourself.

5. Cultivate Common Interests

After your ‘honeymoon phase’ in the relationship is over, you need to put in some effort to cultivate common interests and passions that both of you enjoy doing together. It’s for the reason that ballet classes for couples, couple yoga, cooking classes, etc. are all the rage nowadays.
Loving someone may be easy, but maintaining a relationship may not always prove to be so. However, that is hardly a concern if you have the will, passion, and time to channel towards your relationship, no matter how recent or old it is.

Sunny Pathak

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