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Interview with Grant Davidson

The companies that you’re dealing with, are they looking at multicultural marketing as a real segment where you can actually reduce your costs on all the third-party platforms if you know the right way to target it? The quick answer is no; I think there was a particular company that identified the Indian market and...Read More

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Liberals Win In Australia – Factors That Favoured This Impossible Win Against Labors

Scott Morrison’s ‘miracle’ win in the 2019 elections in Australia has confounded the pollsters. The nine-month-old Prime Minister of Australia was widely expected to be defeated in the recent election after long trailing in opinion polls. However, the way the Liberals hailed victory in the May election this year, has surprised everyone including the opposition...Read More

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Australia’s Population Growth: What’s Next?

Australia’s population is growing rapidly. There’s no denying the increase of migrants seeking to call Australia their home. The question that has been facing the Australian government is how to handle the continued growth in the most effective, safe, manner. In a recent meeting held to better prepare for handling this influx, it was agreed...Read More