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Tourism Australia is coaxing more and more Indians to visit Australia

 Tourism Australia is coaxing more and more Indians to visit Australia

Almost every commercial break on TV includes a commercial that showcases splendid places to visit in Australia. You may want to visit Australia if you are a fan of the Masterchef Australia or Australian food.

An increasing number of Indians are traveling to Australia each year. Actually, Australia is formulating strategies in order to drive Indians to pay visits to Australia. Lately, a trade event was organized in Goa where the top travel agents of India met Australian tourism industry delegates. The Australian delegates introduced Australia as one of the best tourism destinations.
Moreover, Carriers like SilkAir, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Air India are trying to coax customers to pay a visit to Australia. This includes a comprehensive marketing campaign through the media, which includes PR programs, advertising, consumer promotions, trade shows, consumer research and online communication. This campaign has been started by the Tourism Australia and it is part of a campaign known as 2020 India Strategic Plan. Also, the campaign has been launched with an objective to increase the number of Indian arrivals in Australia by 7.2% per year. It is a compound growth rate per year.
What is more important to Australia is the spending by Indians, which is growing at a rate of 12% per year. As a matter of fact, Indians spend a considerable amount of money in Australia when they stay in hotels, visits sights, fly internally and take part in adventure sports. By the end of 2020, visitors from India will contribute around 2.3 billion to Australia’s economy.

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