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‘You have often heard it being said that marriages are hard work. They may be, but as these simple tips show, they can also be fun when two people approach it as a team and have fun on the ride.’
Love is a dream said a wise man once, and marriage is the alarm clock.
In many ways this is true, because while love can be a drug on which we can sail, happily ignoring the other person’s faults (sometimes even finding them ‘cute’), marriage brings the reality home. In a marriage, when you’re living in close proximity with another person, overlooking their faults can no longer be an option. We have to deal with them, and do so in ways that don’t hurt them but help them grow. At the same time, we have to constantly be on watch, wondering whether any of our faults are worrying the other person too. After all, none of us is perfect.
No wonder even love marriages have rocky times. Today we’re looking at a few tips to put your marriage on track for a long, fruitful union.
1. Align your spending habits
Research has proved time and again that the number one cause of discord and conflict in a marriage is money. Yes, that’s right. People fight over money much more than they do about love, sex, compatibility or anything like that. So to avoid this – or at least mitigate its effect – make sure that your spending habits are aligned with those of your partner. While 100% alignment is impossible, at least have an open communication policy with your mate when it comes to money. Discussing money frankly and unemotionally will go a long way towards putting those ugly fights to rest.
2. Practice gratitude as a team
We’ve all seen how making a habit of gratitude makes an individual happy, free of envy, and contented with what he or she has. Why not practice the same as a couple? Sit down together at the end of every week (Sunday nights, perhaps?) make a list of all those things that you’re grateful for as a couple. No matter who you are and what your relationship is like, there will be something that you’re grateful for. Write them down, and tell each other how much you appreciate those things.
3. Make a list of ‘not so great’ things as a team
Just like you have a day for being grateful, set aside a day of the week to sit down together and make a list of things that are ‘not so great’ about your marriage. In doing this, refrain from pointing out the other person’s faults. Bring your own faults to the table, and tell your partner how you plan to change your behaviour in the future. This will give a message to your spouse that you care about changing yourself for the betterment of the marriage. It will encourage them to open up about themselves too. Make this a weekly exercise and see how you go.
4. Do things together
Take up an activity together. It could be something physical like swimming, dancing or playing a sport. It could be something artistic, like cooking, craft making, pottery or writing. Research has shown that couples that do things together end up more comfortable in each other’s company, which grows the amount of romantic love that they share.

Himanshu Yadav

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