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‘Fingernails are increasingly important for the modern, beauty-conscious woman. In today’s piece, we look at some of the trending nail art patterns which you can use without much effort.’
Once upon a time, not very long ago, nail polish came in one or two or three colours. The phrase ‘doing your nails’ meant a sheer coat of beige, light pink or clear. Those were your only three options. Of course, you can still leave your fingernails unpolished, especially when you work in corporate or healthcare, but if you’re willing to give your nails that fashionable look this year, here are a few different art trends that are gripping nails the world over.
1. Multi-coloured nails
Doing all your nails in the same colour is so passé now. Why not display your entire nail polish wardrobe by putting different colours on your nails? After all, you have ten of them for a reason, right? In doing this, though, don’t go overboard and choose colours that are wildly different from each other, lest you look like a kid who has just discovered paints. Go the classy way and use colours that come from the same tone and shade. For instance, you could dress up your nails in varying shades of pink, or different tones of grey.
2. Ombre nails
If you’re wondering what these are, then you’re not up to the times. No matter, though. It only takes a minute to explain. Ombre nails are nails that start with a light shade of a colour at the root that becomes progressively darker as we move towards the tip. A bit like a single-colour palette on your fingertips. The same kind of effect has been achieved for hair recently to much admiration from customers, so it’s no surprise that the technique has been carried over to nails as well. Leave this to the professionals, though, and use it only for special occasions.
3. Matte nails
If you’ve been going for the glossy look on your nails forever now, this may be a good time to change up with a matte finish. You don’t need any special skills to achieve this look: you could apply a matte top coat to your favourite polish, you could use steam to ‘matti-fy’, or you could apply a ready-made matt lacquer to your nail. This is one of the going trends of the year, so be sure to try it out.
4. Graphic nails
No, this is not something you would cook up on the computer, though it sounds that way. If your boyfriend is a nerd, then this is the look to try. It will require you to be ambidextrous and good with a sticky tape, but once you master the technique, you will find that there are a lot of patterns to experiment with.
5. Odd one out
This is easy, and good to make a statement. Use one colour on four of your fingernails and a different colour on the fifth. Use a contrasting shade if you’re feeling bold. On the other hand, using the same colour with a bit of glitter can add a bit of elegance to your hands. Go with the mood.

Indrasish Banerjee

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