Giving gifts can be a stressful process for adults, but for children, even more so. Most of us therefore end up giving generic things like toys, but here is a list of practical gift solutions that can be given to babies.
Have you ever given a gift to a friend who just had a baby?
You may have thought of a comb, or a small stuffed toy, or baby lotion, or one of those ‘gift sets’ that comprise all of the above. That’s great – at least it shows that you’re thinking of your gifts – but unfortunately, that is what everyone else is getting too, and the parents of the kid will end up with more lotion that they will need to use all their lives.
Now how about giving some of the below mentioned, more practical gifts?
1. Bedtime jumpsuits
Kids generally kick off blankets with gusto. So in order to get them covered from top to bottom, give them a bedtime jumpsuit that will wrap them up and give them a snug fit. These are usually available in all age groups until three.
2. Blankets
Merchandise for kids is a huge business these days, so no matter what your inclination is, find the inner child in you and shop for blankets and pillow covers that have popular cartoon characters.
3. Special feeding spoons
Most food that is fed to babies should be a particular temperature. So spoons that change colour when the food is too hot or too cold can be an excellent practical gift idea. It means the child’s mouth will never be burnt.
4. Feeding pack
Put together a hamper containing baby cutlery, mini-containers, a bowl and a sipper. This should ideally be a pack that the parent can carry along with the baby when going on a trip.
5. Teethers
Kids put everything into their mouth to soother their itching gums during teething. So if you get soft, gel-filled teethers will prevent the child from ingesting unwanted materials like coins and stones.

Divya Singh

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