Long-distance relationships are always hard, but it’s harder when the relationship in question is a marriage. But then, distance also makes the heart grow fonder if you treat it well. In this piece, we give you five ways in which you can make a long-distance marriage work in spite of the separation.


Marriage is often considered to be a bond in which you live with your spouse for the rest of your life. But sometimes, work and other circumstances may drive a wedge of physical distance between you and your beloved. While a long-distance marriage is difficult for everyone, it is especially so for women since they’re often the ones to take care of the house and the family. So for all the ladies out there experiencing pangs of separations from their husbands, here are a few ways to make it work.

1. Communicate with each other every day

This may seem like overkill at first, but aim to have even a small conversation with him on a daily basis. With the myriad technological tools available today, it is easy to have a conversation, whether it is by instant messaging, voice call or video chat. Talk about what you did during the day, and ask him about his routine as well. If you have kids, make sure that he speaks to them once before they go to bed. This will strengthen your bonds as a family.

2. Write letters

Letters don’t have to be posted through snail mail. You can write one by hand and send him a photograph of it so that he can read it. Or you can write to him a long email and call it a letter. Interacting through letters carries a different tone when compared to interactions through video calls and instant messages. You can craft a nice, love-filled letter in which you can pour out your feelings, and he can do the same for you. These little love notes will become your keepsakes for life.

3. Send tangible gifts

It’s one thing sending ‘online flowers’, but if you can arrange for delivery of real flowers or a real gift to your beloved, the charm of it is something else. Even if he is not the kind of man who loves to receive and give gifts, you can win him over by gifting him thoughtful things. He will certainly appreciate your gestures, and he will most likely reciprocate with love too.

4. Surprise him with a visit

This will only work if he doesn’t live in a far-off country, and if you can bridge the distance between you with little effort. Plan your surprise visit well so that he doesn’t have any clash with work or travel plans. Imagine the precious look on his face when you reach his home and stand in front of him, and how you will feel when he swoops you up in his arms.

5. Give him (and yourself) space

Marriage can take expectations to a whole new level. You will expect to spend as much time as possible with your husband, and you want to be with and around him. But understand that this time apart is something that you two have decided upon for the long-term good of your marriage. So give your husband some breathing space and don’t pick a fight on every unanswered text message and phone call. At the same time, give yourself some space too. Pick up a hobby, make some new friends, and get for yourself a social life.

Daisy Akhtar

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