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6 Juices One must have while Recovering from Covid

 6 Juices One must have while Recovering from Covid

With the world in the grasp of COVID-19, one must be more vigilant towards their physical well-being. However, if you’ve been infected with the virus and you are now recovering from it, here are some things that you must know:

Research has shown that the virus causes tissue damage and inflammation in the stomach, damaging the digestive system. To remedy this situation and fulfil your nutritional requirements, fresh fruits and vegetables are your go-to foods as they are easily digested by your system and have healing properties.

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices can be beneficial towards your recovery and boost your immune system. Here are some juices that you can try to speed up your journey on the road to recovery.

Tomato mint juice

Tomato mint juice: This is rich in antioxidants and is very beneficial in regulating the digestive system. Blend some tomatoes with mint leaves and a glass of water. To enhance the taste of your beverage, add some salt and pepper or lemons. This will satisfy your taste buds and will increase your immunity against the virus.

Carrot, beet, amla and ginger juice: Carrots and beets are very beneficial in the detoxification of your body, while amla is very rich in vitamin C. This beverage promotes liver health. Ginger, being one of the best foods to be inculcated in daily life, will do wonders if you want to improve immunity against various diseases.

Carrot, beet, amla and ginger juice
Sweet lime, pineapple and green apple

Sweet lime, pineapple and green apple: This juice boasts a lot of vitamin C and calcium, which helps improve the digestive system and immunity. Enjoy this drink daily to stay fit.

Kiwi, strawberry and orange: This juice is packed with antioxidants, great for boosting the immune system and helps regulate blood pressure. It can prevent secondary illnesses which may affect your health even after Covid has subsided. So, it is crucial to keep up with your diet plan and have this drink daily.

Kiwi, strawberry  and orange juice
Turmeric, ginger, lemon, and orange juice

Turmeric, ginger, lemon, and orange: These components contain anti-inflammatory compounds with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The combination of Turmeric and ginger kickstarts the detoxification process in your body, which makes this an effective drink to improve your immune system.

Cucumber, spinach, celery, ginger and lemon: Adding greens to the mixture helps reduce inflammation and improves digestion. Green vegetables and fruits are also rich in vitamin C, which is an essential element for a strong immune system.

Cucumber, spinach, celery, ginger and lemon

In short, the improved intake of liquids, especially the juices as mentioned above, is crucial for your lifestyle as the fluids help your system flush out many viruses and bacteria out of your body. So, drink more and stay strong and keep your spirits high.


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