Bathrooms are the most neglected rooms in most houses. It won’t be an understatement to say that we spend perhaps the least amount of time on average in our bathrooms. In this article, we argue it doesn’t have to be that way, and give you some ideas to add some elegance to your bathroom.

For most of us, the bathroom or the restroom is a place where we look to get in and out as quickly as we can. Whether it is to tinkle or to take a bath, we aim to get it over with because bathrooms, generally speaking, are not the most comfortable rooms to be in. We spend a lot of time designing our living rooms and our bedrooms and our kitchens, but what if we put in a little bit of effort into our bathrooms too? Then we may opt for long, leisurely baths instead of rush-ins and rush-outs.

Modern bathroom sink in white ceramic

Here are a few ideas to spruce up the look of your bathroom.

1. Paint your shower curtain

We all know how boring shower curtains are, right? Yes, even those pink ones with little cute Mickey Mouse images get on one’s nerves after a while. In order to infuse your shower curtain with your personality, try painting it using a stencil with the lyrics of your favourite pop star. Imagine stepping into the bathroom and staring at a shower curtain that screams ‘you’.

 2. Make a pom-pom rug

What’s a pom-pom rug, you ask? It’s a rug that you can cover the cold tile floors of your bathroom with so that your feet will thank you. All you need is a bit of yarn, a non-stick mat to act as the base, and a bit of skill with your fingers. Oh, and you need time too. But it’s not as hard as we make it sound, and the results are wonderful, especially if you have toddlers in your house. They will love their pom-pom rug and will wish to stay in the bathroom for as long as possible.

 3. Make a bathroom organiser

Bathroom counters can get messy, no matter how many shelves you have. A multi-tiered bathroom organiser will hold all your things for you just where you can see them, and you will never complain about a messy countertop. What’s more, you can make your own organiser with the help of trays and clear-glass candle holders that you can buy from the dollar store. It won’t cost you more than $5!

 4. Use two shower curtains

Even if your tub is not ‘big enough’ for two shower curtains, it’s all about the look here. Just take your regular, single shower curtain, cut it in half, and put them on the shower rod from each side so that when you enter the bathroom and look at the tub, you will find two shower curtains, one from either side, and a welcoming opening in the middle, much like a large window. It makes your tub look classier, that’s all.

 5. Create a pebble bathmat

Get an outdoor rubber mat with holes and spaces for water to drain. On top of it, arrange smooth ocean or river stones that are porous. You do not want slick and polished stones because they can get slippery when they’re wet. On the other hand, you can also go with slightly roughened stones that you will find in your local craft store. Use silicone sealer to glue the stones onto the mat and to one another. Work with only one layer of stones so that they will cushion your feet nicely when you step on them. This will make your bathroom look like a professional spa in no time.


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