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Made in India Magazine | October 27, 2021

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Advertise in Indian Magazine | Indian Business Ads Publishers in Sydney

Made in India Magazine is an ethnic lifestyle magazine bringing our multicultural communities, cultures and democracies together by converging Print, Digital and Social media.

We provide you with the best advertising among Ethnic Media. We are a Premium Multicultural Fully Glossy Publication. So go ahead and advertise with us. For Advertise in Indian Magazine simply fill out the form below and we will respond to your enquiry

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There are many reasons you would want to use Made in India as your advertising partner. Here, we will just list the top eight.

  • Reach
    Every month, the pages of Made in India are pored over by 20,000 people who identify themselves as Australian Indians. There is no other Indian magazine in Australia that commands this strong a presence, and boasts of this loyal a readership.
  • Distribution
    We have exclusive distribution ties with more than 1500 locations such as dentists, restaurants and cafes around Australia. We also customise distribution for our clients, so if you wish to target a particular suburb over another, we can make it happen. Not only is our distribution model big but it is also flexible.
  • Great Online Presence
    We have more than 80,000 likes on Facebook, and our email list has 30,000 subscribers who get the online edition of the magazine through our newsletter.
  • Long Life
    Made in India is a premium publication. We use full gloss 100 GSM and 300 GSM art paper, which means that the life of a single edition of our magazine is at least 4 months. This means your ads have longer lives, and more opportunities to be seen by your prospective customers.
  • Diversity
    The Australian Indian community is a microcosm of India – colourful, rich and diverse. In our magazine we cover everything from mouth-watering cuisine recipes and travel ideas to book reviews and the latest Bollywood news. As an advertiser, not only do you get access to the depth of our reach but also its breadth.
  • Dual Focus
    What good is advertising with a magazine that treats you like a customer, without understanding your product, business or brand? At Made in India, you’re not our client. You’re our partner. Your success is our success. We live by two fundamental tenets: give our readers the best reading experience, and give our advertisers the best return over investment. No half measures.
  • Cultural mix
    Our vibrant team is well versed with both Australian and Indian cultures, so you will never have to worry if your advertising is hitting the ‘right note’. We have designers and copywriters who will with you to mould your product and message to suit the sensibilities of our readership.
  • Targeting
    There are 400,000 Indians that call Australia home. Made in India is your best bet if you wish to market your brand to this segment of the population. Let your brand align with ours, and we’ll grow together.

Research has shown that every $1 spent on magazine advertisement led to a $2.77 return in sales over twelve months, provided the readership is engaged.

Even when it comes to hard numbers, magazine advertising comes out on top. According to research conducted by UK’s PPA in 2008, in the short term, every $1 spent on Advertisement in magazine led to $1.79 in sales whereas over twelve months, the ROI increased to $2.77.

We have an engaged readership. If you choose Made in India as your advertising partner, we have no doubt that we will take your brand to the next level.

Give us a call and we’ll talk.


One of the most effective ways of marketing and advertisement is to advertise in magazine. Made in India is today one of the leading Indian magazines in Australia, and it speaks to the 400,000 strong Indian population that live in Australia. If you wish to push your brand to this segment of the population, an important part of your marketing strategy must be promoting your product through advertising in magazines. Made in India, one of the most widely read and loved Indian magazine in Australia. Here are a few other reasons why choosing us as your advertising partners is a winning choice:

  • Reach
    There are more than 200 magazines in Australia, Difference between them and Made in India, is our reach and diverseaudience. Today, a single-page advertisement on a page of our magazine will reach thousands of readers per month. All our issues carry compelling, well researched articles and news that is unique compared to any Indian magazine in Australia, hence our readership is loyal to our brand. Since we cover diverse elements on modern day life, like mouth-watering cuisine recipes, cool restaurants, travel ideas, music, movies, local events, and book reviews, we have the much needed breadth to our reach as well as depth.
  • Focus
    Advertisement in magazines can be tricky if management team of magazine is not open to new ideas. At Made in India, our managers are focused on two aspects: one, to give the best reading experience to our readers, and two, the best return over investment to our advertisers. Maintaining this dual focus is our aim, and to this end, we have a vibrant team that is well versed with both Australian and Indian cultures. So if you choose us, you will have the most focused team working for your promotion and brand endorsement activities.
  • Targeting
    There are many avenues today through which one can advertise in magazines. But it’s important that advertisers choose their options carefully, for magazines cater to very niche audiences. Our big advantage is that we’re widely read by a broad smattering of Australian Indians, and over the last year or so, we’ve acquired a faithful readership in this demographic. Any brand that you wish to market to this section of Australia, then, is a perfect fit to feature in our pages. We ensure that the product aligns with the brand of Made in India so that they complement each other’s image.

In today’s world of ubiquitous information, one must advertise with magazines to maximize a product’s reach and selling potential. Many studies conducted in Europe and the united States suggest that magazine advertisements perform an excellent job when it comes to driving consumers to action. Research has suggested that magazine readers consider magazines they love as trusted, friendly sources, and therefore are more likely to act on product endorsements that they see in them.

Even when it comes to hard numbers, magazine advertising comes out on top. According to research conducted by UK’s PPA in 2008, in the short term, every $1 spent on Advertisement in magazine led to $1.79 in sales whereas over twelve months, the ROI increased to $2.77.

So whatever your product is, it can only benefit by magazine advertising, and if at least part of the target market of your product is people of Indian descent, Made in India could be the right choice for you.

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