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Aphrodisiac Or Opiate? The Lowdown On ‘Kamini’ Tablets in Melbourne

 Aphrodisiac Or Opiate? The Lowdown On ‘Kamini’ Tablets in Melbourne

Aphrodisiacs are quite common in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. One such product called Kamini tablets is doing the rounds in Australia now, but on closer examination, the substance seems to be just thinly disguised opium with strong addictive potential. Read on to find out more.
There is a drug available over the counter across Australia that goes by the label of Ayurvedic medicine. It is called ‘Kamini’, and it is often available in most South Asian grocery stores as a herbal supplement. The claimed benefits of taking it are improving a man’s virility besides acting to making him ‘alert’.

Buying Kamini tablets in Melbourne is now a bigger business

This is a bigger business than one would appreciate at first glance. A grocery store owner in Melbourne reports at the moment, selling kamini tablets in Melbourne is the most lucrative thing in the market, because many youngsters are now buying Kamini tablets and taking it without being able to stop. Each container of Kamini costs $100 and lasts only about four to five days. So many of the grocery shops in Melbourne, according to this owner, make very little in selling grocery items but make a lot of money selling Kamini Vidrawan ras.

The medicine behind the medicine

It was first brought to the notice of authorities when an Indian customer of a grocery shop such as this, run by his friend, claimed that the medicine contained opium. This man, who identifies himself as just Rohan, tried one tablet and found that it gave him a ‘hit’. That was when alarm bells began to ring in his head, because he knew that opium and opiates are not allowed to be sold in Australia over the counter.

Confirmation by analysis

Following this, the chemical composition of this product was tested, and it was found that it contains codeine and morphine, in a combination that is typical of opium. Scientists who have analysed this have said that up to 5% of the average Kamini Tablets is made up of opium, which means it’s one part in twenty made of opium, which is actually quite large. It’s confirmed that these pills are designed to give users a ‘whack’, and it’s very possible that users could overdose on them with as few as two tablets at a time.

User reports

This medicine is used quite a lot in people who are doing night shifts, like gas station operators and taxi drivers. These users claim that the product keeps them alert during lethargic times. But family members of these users have a different story to tell; they say that the person taking the tablets may report higher energy, but they also become more irritable than usual and display more violent behaviour. There is also addictive potential to this medicine, in that people usually find that they grow dependent on the product in larger and larger quantities, thereby also creating a financial drain.

The need for a crackdown

Needless to say, this needs a swift and strong response from the authorities, who will need to ban the substance and make sure that it doesn’t get sold in such grocery stores anymore. All opiates should be sold only on prescription. We hope that the relevant authorities get to the bottom of the matter soon.

Ankit Gupta

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