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Don’t get too surprised when we tell you that something as spicy as black pepper can do wonders for your skin. Black pepper has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial qualities that can effectively cure pimples and other skin irregularities. It is used in many different forms of aroma therapies as well. The pepper can help you get rid of black heads and it can also help in lightening the skin tone. Here are a few tips on how you can use black pepper to prepare masks or scrubs for your skin.

Home-Made Yogurt and Black Pepper Mask

How to Prepare – Grind about half a teaspoon black pepper till it turns into coarse granules. Now mix the pepper with 1 teaspoon of creamy yogurt (you can use the home-made yogurt). The mask is now ready for application. Yes, it’s that simple!

How to Use – Apply the mask on clean skin surface and leave it for about 2-3 minutes. Instead of leaving, you can also scrub the mixture in light circular movements. Do not scrub for more than a minute though. Some of you might feel a burning sensation but that’s normal. Wash your face with icy cold water and you’ll be just fine. You can add ingredients like turmeric and honey, depending on your skin type. This will make the mask even more effective.

Also Note – If you have pimples, instead of yogurt use rose water in preparing the mask. The pepper mask is quite effective in boosting circulation of the skin and it also reduces blemishes. You can apply the mask on your feet and hands as well but make sure that the use of this magic formula is not too frequent.

Himanshu Yadav

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