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Made in India Magazine | September 23, 2021

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Best audiobooks of 2014

Best audiobooks of 2014
Made in India

Every year, thousands of audiobooks come out on the internet as well as in audio discs, and their demand never ceases. Thus, we have put together a list of five audiobooks that have been rated the best in 2014.

NORA WEBSTER (Colm Toibin, 11 hours 15 mins)

Narrated by Irish actor Fiona Shaw, “Nora Webster” revolves around a mother who has recently lost her husband. The story shows how she copes with grief and at the same time, raises her four children. With instances of intonation and pacing, Shaw has brilliantly expressed the undercurrents and imparted richness to the story altogether.

FOURTH OF JULY CREEK (Smith Henderson, 15 hours 45 minutes)

“Fourth of July Creek” is Henderson’s first and has won accolades owing to its remarkable storyline. The plot of the story has been set in the rural region of Montana where Pete is a distraught and disoriented 31-year-old social worker with a failed marriage and drinking problem. The voice of Pete has been given by American actor MacLeod Andrews who has extraordinarily portrayed multitude of characters’ voices according to their exact personalities.

AN OFFICER AND A SPY (Robert Harris, 16 hours)

This remarkable novel by Robert Harris is based on Georges Picquart, a French Army Officer who later turned into a whistle-blower on knowing that Alfred Dreyfus had been wrongfully framed as a spy. This is one of the best audio books of 2014 narrated by David Rintoul.

BIG LITTLE LIES (Liane Moriarty, 16 hours)

Narrated beautifully by Caroline Lee, the story is based in a high-profile public school in New South Wales, Australia. Towards the beginning of the story, it is revealed that someone would be murdered on the night of school’s trivia six months hence. Who will it be?

THE UNFINISHED CUE (Georgette Heyer, 10 hours 15 minutes)

The story has been narrated by Ulli Birve known for bringing the proper English country-house accent into audio books. The story is compelling and consists of an array of uncanny characters. As the story unfolds, Birve enacts each and every new character in the most remarkable manner.

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