Easy insurance for your new technology gadgets

 Easy insurance for your new technology gadgets

With the advent of technology in every era, insurance companies have started to assure their customers that buying insurances even for their smartphone mobiles has now become a viable option. Several cool gadgets are being produced in abundance every year, and hence the rate of you losing or your gadget being stolen has also increased rapidly. But one needn’t worry. With the introduction of the gadget insurance concept one can get the same mobile phone or gadget without any hassles in case of theft, accidents or loss of the gadget.
Getting mobile phone insurance with the tech pack will not only provide you with worldwide coverage for your mobile phone, but will also cover up to two phones for joint accounts. This type gadget cover will provide you protection against loss, theft and accidents in today’s busy world. One can add this type of insurance to your Barclay’s Bank account or any other Premier current account in the Feature’s store section for just 7.50 euros per month.  Protecting your technologically advanced assets does not seem so costly now and is rather feasible. The tech pack mobile insurance also helps saving you from buying the iPhone insurance and covers the cost of:
–          One mobile phone or smart phone up to the price of 1000 euros.
–          Unauthorised calls for up to 2000 euros on contract and 100 euros on pay-as-you-go scheme.
–          Accessories of up to a combined retail value of 250 euros.

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